Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Rain, rain, go away..........."

To whom it may concern,

The garden is now well watered, the house washed and the salt spray rinsed from the car. So it is quite OK now to stop raining. Else the basement is going to full up and the damp washing will litter the house.

Here is the view from the lounge window this pm. You may just make out the down pour and the overflowing birdbath!

Ok , hi all! Good news I have survived the first week and seem to have regained some energy and positiveness from somewhere!

DS arrived home by 12.20am last Thursday but I did sleep well that night and the next. I must admit to having the kids again to stay tonight but today was their last day/night of filming. They now have to get all the films developed and the editing and story writing continues. They have until Friday pm to deliver so guess I will be baby sitting again tomorrow and following nights. I have however been promised a couple of Sundays off so am tempted to "go away" next weekend. Even if the going away means locking the door and taking the phone off the hook!

DP and I have had much better space the past 2 days and in fact worked together to fix this.... [ I suppose I should be honest and say my helping involved helping to lift off and hold while nuts were tightened. DP did all the work]

Yes our clothes line had finally given up the ghost as in the main support pole had rusted through. And with a mountain of washing in the laundry had to do something...!!

So a new pole was inserted inside the old and 4 clamps and 3 metal stakes later........

It is stronger then before and hopefully will hold until we get a new one in the summer when concreting seems easier than now, see above re rain!

The observant will notice it wasn't raining while repairs took place and you would be right we did have a window when it was brilliantly sunny and calm and we managed to get all the washing half try before the rain. Now it is pouring again with a southerly and more snow down south predicted. I feel for those down there, last weeks has still not melted. The last I heard the army was taking supplies in by helicopter to isolated high country farms.

So the fire has been worth its weight in gold the past week or so and the soup in the freezer has been handy as well. Tonight made a quiche with onions and the last of the tomatoes. So from now on will have to buy fresh. Still 6 months of fresh home grown isn't bad.

I have managed to do a little knitting. I am up to the fronts of DGD's jacket and 2/3rd of the way to the toe on my sock. I think I have also managed at last to figure out my next challenge project. It is going to be another wrap but using a different strip knitting technique. After several starts and samples think I am happy with the results. The problem was the yarns are all so "out there" that they don't really go together well and need more "space" between them. So I will only be using a small amount every so often. I think this may work.

No pics yet, camera ran flat and I need to knit more to see what happens!

So all and all feeling much better than a week ago when we faced several days of the Gkids. At least it is only one night and a couple of baby sitting times this week. Roll on Friday. Of course the kids are happy and "love" coming here. I think I spoil them a little!!.

I am off to knit and defrost. Happy knitting all, catch you all tomorrow.


Blogger knit only but also said...

I guess the one good thing about crappy weather is that it is perfect for knitting as there are no outside distractions and it concentrates the mind on all sorts of yummy yanry things to produce. Hope the weather picks up - just think we can have whole summers of weather not unlike that and with midgies as well - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Scotland can be fab!

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