Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Warning: this may take awhile, pic heavy post!!

Finally!!! after a few days of frustration and fiddling around I have managed to get some of the pic loaded.

I am now using my laptop having brought a small computer desk for the back bedroom cum office. Ok, ok it is in front of the wardrode, only available space but at least it is easier to move than the bookshelf on wheels which was there before. [ Now in the passage awaiting a new home. Hmm perhaps over 32 bookshelves in even a 4 bedroom house is a little much.]

I think, after some playing around that XP may be more Blogger friendly than Win98 hence trying the laptop. Which by the way still needs reloading but seems to be running better after a clean up and removing some games, eg Age of empires, Civilisation, Cluedo etc.

Again life has been somewhat full. We are still upgrading at work and this will take some weeks yet. We are also short staffed and I have been trying to do 3 jobs this week.

Anyway on with the pics promised last post. First up remember our weekend trip?

Well it was rather dark in the hall to take many pics but here is the lake we had our lunch next to. It is in a large park with adventure playground, train rides, boat rides and funny enough a large cemetry in the middle with graves of early setters to New Zealand.

But it is spring and the gardens were beautiful. Masterton always has a lovely show at this time of year, here is a magnificant Magnolia tree in full bloom.

Next up is DGS and his 5th birthday celebration at Kindergarten. They are currently on holiday for two weeks and he starts school next term. On their leaving day they get to have their face painted [ he's spiderman] and to ring the bell to bring in all the kids for a special birthday mat time. It is so hard to realise he is 5 already.

Here is one of the reasons I have been busy... another train cake. James this time as he is #5.

I must admit I kind of hope he is into something easier next year.!!

While at his leaving day I managed to get this nice shot of DS with "his kids" at work. He is so enjoying his new job at the kindy. There was a program on the news the other day saying how few men work in a preschool situation. They are frightened they will get wrongly accused of child abuse. There is such a need for men to take part to make it more "balanced" for the children. So sad these days that the best get put off by a few.

Anyway this is meant to be a knitting blog so here are my two entries in our area exhibition. It is the one on the right which was given a merit award.

I will have to go back tomorrow for some closer shots as it closes on Sunday. Oh and remember the socks knitted 2 at a time on 2 circulars? Well just to prove I haven't been sitting around here they are finished. It was good to finish both at once but if I repeat this will try to get some shoter circs, the ends nearly drove me nuts.

Oh I have been trying, vainly to catch up on some gardening as well...look what I found under the plum tree at the bottom of the garden. There is one more spike in bud as well.

Anyway considering the lateness on the hour I am away to bed. Gillian I did make my Tangelo marmalade as well. Came out lovely although not as tart as I like it. But not everyone likes it that way. My DP thinks it is great. Now to try the ginger one...

Cheers all, knit on


Blogger ferg said...

The magnolias have just finished blossoming here too. I planted one of the new red ones but sadly, it succumbed to the frost. The loquat is laden with fruit and I'm sharing it with the birds and making jelly with the rest.
Your knitting pieces are amazing and well worthy of a Merit award. Congratulations!
Well done too on the cake front. A very professional job, and almost too good to eat.
Cheers Gillian

10:07 am  
Anonymous kristi and otis said...

Oh soooo pretty to see springtime flowers and the magnolias are beautiful!!! Fall and winter are arriving here, ugh! Thanks for popping by and wishing me well!

3:05 am  

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