Monday, August 07, 2006

Busy, busy, busy.....

Where have I been you may ask..?? Hmm I have snuck in here a bit guilty as I did post these pics as a draft 10 days ago but well life I suppose! So regular readers...sorry to take so long.

What with two car break downs, lawyers, WINZ , court councilors, school productions let alone try and keep up with housework and finish a project for our area exhibition next month.

But then I have always been one for a busy life.

First up school production, darling DGD looked lovely as a "rainbow dancer" and we enjoyed the show, as much as you can enjoy 5-7 years olds singing and dancing altho we were rather puzzled by the first number , "I am a little white duck..." when they had yellow costumes on. [ Decided they were ducklings!!] But all in all well put together and the kids really enjoyed themselves. [ Even the little sunflower who had to be rescued as he was falling off this seat asleep!]

Here she is , a ripped shoulder to her costume didn't stop the smile when she realized her Mum had come out to see her. That's right for the first time "both" parents were able to share in an important moment. Not at the same time tho. That will take a bit more time!!! Guess we are moving on and there is hope for the future yet.

She growing up so fast, hoping the past few years won't have a pay back when she hits 13. At least she can always come to Nana's.

Here is my exhibition project being given the once over by the resident inspector of all woolly comforts. Since this pic I have finished the knitting, at last and have now moved on to the long job of darning in ends. I know, I know I could have knitted them in as I go but as I wanted this to be reversible I wanted to make sure that the ends were not visible. [I will also need to give a little tug here and there to line up the points to the triangles]

Then it is on to the orange silk cocoons and tassels at the points. As you can see once again I am cutting it fine to the line. Entries have to in by the 7th Sept. There is only a zillion ends sigh!!

I have tho taken a little time out to work on this.....

Really keen to finish it but see above...sigh , my spinning wheel has been beckoning as well. But will treat myself to a few more rows before tea. We worked all day Saturday so had today, Monday off. Hence time to blog. Another cold southerly of course meant no gardening again. So inside by the fire. Hmm at least will be later.

Thanks so much to Gillian I think I am really happy with this years Marmalade. Altho it is definitely of the "Bitter" variety. Which is OK as we like it this way. Had more lemons than grapefruit so used half and half. There are nine jars + , there is always just a little too much for the last jar and not enough for another sitting on the bench cooling. Spooking the cat out as well as the lids "pop" sealed.

There is another large bowl full of fruit pulp in the fridge waiting for a trip to get more sugar. So later this week one night. But am so pleased as it was much easier than the recipe I have used in the past as it didn't take near as long to set.

Oh there are 5 large jars of pickled onions keeping them company so you can see I haven't been idle today.

I have also been working out this method too... I had a little trouble getting going but have now done the ribbing and have started the legs of a pair of junior socks. Remember the small ball of Opal I found in an op shop, well should be just enough for a pair for DGD. This has been a bit of a challenge and I recommend not trying this when tired!! Picking up the wrong end of a circular can take a bit of putting right! [ pic next time of progress ]

Oh and I have been here again as well and have picked up a large cone of boucle to ply with a half breed. Once spun of course....

Also paid a visit to Spotlight in their sale and got one or two novelties to use in woven scarves.

Anyway the news is on, better go and tackle the mountain of dishes and get tea. If you're lucky will post again in a day or two.

Knit on >^..^<


Blogger ferg said...

Lovely to read your news and so glad the marmalade recipe worked. It's a bit of a responsibility passing on recipes specially when you know you have tweaked them a bit. I'm off to buy some seville oranges later this week. It's a short season here.
The weaving looks so lovely I'm tempted but then I ask myself "Where will I put it?" and that stops me from acquiring more things.
Cheers Gillian

6:26 pm  
Blogger Brahdelt said...

I feel tempted this year to make a plum marmalade myself - I've kept begging my friend for his granny's marmalade throughout the year and then it struck me - I can give it a go! ^^ We'll see about that.
Please let us know how you are getting on with two circulars method - I'm anxious to try it myself but I'm still a bit reserved. ^^

10:31 am  
Blogger knit only but also said...

Hi B - Baby Doll looks gorgeous - they are so funny at the age. I can't wait to see your knititng all sewn up - it is going to be spectacular, totally fabulous. Love the weaving - I am dribbling with awe as it is the yummiest colour and the texture looks divine. Gorgeous.

4:18 am  

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