Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where did the last ten days go ...??

Hi all

I do swear someone up and stole them! The last ten days at least. Contary to the date that may appear on this post it is now the 27th of August and this post was started 10 days ago.

Life has been full, as usual but changes are afoot as Sherlock may have said to Watson. The family court degreed that the Mum now has access visits on alternate weekends from Friday pm until Monday am. Of course in their wisdon they just picked a date which has meant that this past weekend I haven't seen the kids at all. The house has seemed so quiet and still. No "Nannnnnaaaa" every 5 minutes. Ok I suppose but of course they just happened to pick the day of DGS's 5th birthday so I and his Dad weren't even able to ring him on the day. [ I did try but of course Mum has caller display and wasn't picking up. Felt rather sad about that.!!]

The time has been great, no where near so tired tonight but as DS now has them Tuesdays because of his new job I won't get to see them until Wednesday. I do miss them so. You know that "great they are on school camp, break , summer school , but this house feels empty ...etc", feeling. [Their Dad coped by going to friends for the weekend. But he does get to see them until Friday fortnight now.]

Of course it means we get our Saturday nights back as well. No more having to see the Mum when she drops them off and waiting for DS2 to come collect. We may even be able to manage a dinner or show out again ..!!!! Not to mention the mad rush home sometimes in order to be there in time for the drop off. I will not miss Saturday at all...!!!

On the knitting front I have been plodding away on my "wrap" and have now done half of the tassel's to attach. I was going to make silk cocoon tops to them but they didn't look right somehow. Also I decided that they need to have a little "weight" to them to give the whole thing more drape so have added beads instead.

Here it is with the first batch just laid in to see what it looks like. I will have to wash and block it before attaching them.

Only nine more to go..

I have also been twisting the fringe on the red scarf I wove. [ no pic yet] I am happy with this , my first weaving for over 20 years and am keen to warp up again. The knitters loom sure makes it easy.

I have also been making progress on the kiddies socks. Hmmm not sure if I like this method of working or not, jury is still out on this one. I think it would be easier with shorter circulars and also if the needles were different colours. You see if you pick up the wrong end you can get in somewhat of a muddle. Especially if the cat is asleep on your lap and "attacks" your knitting while you are trying to sort out where you are and it takes you half an hour and fiddling to get back to where you were.

Anyway as the pic shows I am knitting two socks at the same time on 2 circulars. Basically you are knitting one side and then the next using one circular needle per side. It does work well and I have now got up to the heel. [ 2 inches further on than this pic shows. ] Hmm this may be a challenge... More pics to follow later.

I have now got only 1 1/2 sides to knit on Aunties blanket and have cast on the fronts for DGD's jacket so am starting feel a dent in ths stash somewhat.

I have also been busy with more Marmalade and am sooooo pleased with the recipe from Gillian. Thanks so much!!! This has to be the best I have ever made. You see I have always done a lot of pickles and vegies but the past 2 years is the first for jam and marmalade for ...hmmm a few years :)) Since college anyway. Now I feel I have an understanding of the basic recipe I am keen to try other fruits eg Lime and Oranges.

Oh and this past Saturday a close friend had asked if he could have his 50th birthday party at our place as his wasn't suitable. So as two hoarders and hmmm shall we put it sometime housekeepers Saturday and errr Friday night as well was spent, putting away, picking up and cleaning. The bonus is of course a clean house. Hmm perhaps we can get away with it for a while now.

Of course I am still going to have to cook a birthday cake for DGS's party at kindy. He wants James , as in Thomas the tank engine this year sometime this week as well.

As well as fill in and post off my entry forms for our area exhibion which is on next month. I have four entries this time. First time since 2000 I think so good going.

And what do you do if your household staff is busy cleaning ... play with your favourite stuffed toy and when they "hide" you food on the counter because of mopping the floor...well just find it and eat it where it is!!! After having been out side in the pouring rain, yes that's right raining again and leaving muddy footprints on the clean floor, tablecloth and bench.... urrrrr.!!

Hmmm just been warned to go pick up my wrap as I had left it on the floor. You can guess why!

Catch y ou all again soon I hope.

Oh and by the way , many happy returns dear Son #1 for tomorrow!! :)) [ our time that is, next day for you ]


Blogger ferg said...

Lovely to har from you again. You have been so busy as usual. Hopefully with the new custody arrangements, things will settle into a routine that gives you more time to choose what you do.
When I married Robert, his daughter was seven and we did the every-other weekend routine from Friday night to Sunday night. We stuck to the designated weekends and only changed them if we really had to. That helped to maintain the pattern and it reduces the need for communication, which in our case was a good thing.
Really glad to hear about the marmalade recipe. I made some orange, lemon, lime and a few cumquats variety (with a splash of cointreau) and it's lovely. I just stuck to the basic quantities.
That wrap is a real treasure. It's looking lovely and the tassels are really special.
Cheers Gillian

12:32 pm  

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