Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Musings of a mother

Hmmm if you are looking for knitting not much this post, call back again.

No pics either although the temptation to post a baby photo or two was strong!!

As mentioned in the last post, a dear friend celebrated his 50th birthday last week, He mentioned that he wanted to remember his Mum in a special way as not only was it the day he turned 50 but the day to remember that she gave birth 50 years ago. He thought that was rather special.

That got me thinking in that birthdays are not only about us but our parents, especially our Mum's. [ Been one I know what they go through to get us here and raise us!!]

Yesterday , or today just been in the States was/is my DS1 33rd birthday. I just can't believe it has been so long....!!! Sorry son, yes 33 today!! """"Happy birthday ....!!!!"""

We may have modern tech but trying to get commication these days is not always easy so the much anticipated phone call today didn't happen.

So DS I hope you have had a great day, quiet I suppose as I guess you didn't let on to friends at all. Hmm!!!

This got me thinking, yes I know frightening thought!! Back 33 years in fact. When I was one week overdue in fact. They thought I may have problems so rushed me to theatre and had a "look see" so to speak. What I didn't know at the time was my husband at that time rung my parents and my Dad came in to keep him company while I was in labour. But as they didn't want to worry me he told DH not to tell me. So my first memory after seeing your blue eyes and mop of blond hair was my DD's huge smile of gratitude at his new grandson. That was a special moment. If I only knew that I would lose your Dad only a short 8 months later. Now my Dad is gone to so this remains a very special memory.

Hmm now another memory springs to mind. That of DGGM, [ dear great-grandmother]. A dear lady of a very strong fortitude!! [ Sadly no longer with us.] In those days one stayed in hospital for about a week after the birth and visiting times were inforced. So as she was a little early I walked down to the waiting area outside the ward doors. DH , now he was a man's man so to speak was waiting too. DGGM had as usual brought an expensive gift. In this case a teddy bear that could talk when you pulled the string!!So another special memory is of her continously pulling this d...med bear and talking in a loud voice while DH was going shh!!! shh!!! :)) [ We still have the bear , but he sadly no longer talks.

Anway now I have hopefully embarased DS a little I am off to do some knitting and or twisting of scarf fringe. The tassels are all finished on my wrap and I just need to wash and block before I attached them. But I will need to wait until the weekend as I think I need to supervise that if I don't want a good dose of cat hair included.

I am at that happy state of altho I have one or two items needing finishing I can start a new project....hmmm socks or jersey for me or that dress to go with the wrap or..... call back to see what I have decided.

We have taken Friday off work as there is a big Spin-in on in Masterton , a short trip away. So we are leaving and driving slowly over and window shopping all the second hand books shops , wool shops etc on the way. We will stay one night away and come back late Saturday. [I must remember the camera.]

Knit on all >^..^<


Blogger Knitting Granny said...

I loved this post. Our son just turned 27 on Aug 26th (also my Dad's birthday). I asked my husband, "How can he be 27???" Neither of us could figure it out! :-) It's wonderful to have special memories of our loved ones. Thanks for sharing.

2:30 am  
Blogger ferg said...

Have a lovely trip. It sounds wonderful, bookshops and woolshops and a spin-in.
Cheers Gillian

10:45 am  
Blogger ferg said...

Me Again! I've just put you on a food MEME. Looking forward to some Kiwi input here!
Cheers Gillian

4:46 pm  

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