Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hi , inserts wave here.

Hmm having just freely handed out business cards to family and strongly suspecting that they may just come "visiting" it is well overdue to do an update. [ Warning here to the sensitive spelling and grammar are not my strong points ]

Blogging now... well it is rather addictive. It is all Stephanies fault. Her and her ideas re knitting olympics. It really started with me treating myself to some early christmas pressies and buying her first book. Then of course discovering her website and becoming hooked on daily updates and of course chat at not to mention all the links to other sites.....

And of course the Knitting olympics...!! Just trying googling that one... go on I'll wait. We even made the Time mag.

So of course I wanted to take part, but that entailed a rather steep learning curve. Html is not a familar language. To the observant you will notice that my side bar needs serious work. Hm oh dear I will get around to it one day. Then of course winter came around and the computer room was a fridge . Daily updates were no more.

Why the need to "air" my feelings and knitting updates out to the ether...??? Hmm perhaps I was always a bit out spoken. I can remember a few runs in with a dear auntie in my teens but then perhaps we were too much a like. Strongly opinionated. But we are the closest of friends. And I think that is the appeal. I now have many friends world wide. We may never meet but share similar likes and dislikes. We rejoice and grieve together. Share receipes and photos. [ Talking of grief please spare a thought for Kristi and Noel as they have lost one of their prescious 3 babies ]

But most of all we knit. And boy do we knit... the world together hopefully. We laugh a lot as well as let it hang out.

So an update you say.. to start a DM's birthday dinner yesterday with said family. An ice cream cake...hmmmmm!

Inbetween spring cleaning the underhouse space and trying to reclaim room from DS's x2 stuff I have done a little weaving.... on this

[ Since this photo was taken I have nearly woven half ]

Remember this..... well it turned into this a small first size baby jacket from here which will be posted off tomorrow for DP's great nephew Harry. I am now working on another for the next baby due in 3 weeks. I must admit tho that I am making slight changes to it as I am not keen on the neck in the book.

I have also finished a pair of socks to go with the next jacket This is a great pattern and I can easily knit a sock a night. Much quicker and easier than booties.

I have been doing a little of this altho the weather has been the pits lately , wet cold and windy. Yuk! But we have now had 3x 5lb cauliflowers as well as the broccoli and the broadbeans just about ready to pick.

And what can you do when it is the above mentioned wet, cold and windy.......

..........why catch up on the beauty sleep of course. All 23 hours a day of it.

Cheers , knit on all in hope and confidence


Blogger ferg said...

Helo Beverley,
I'm home and glad to be back. I think I knew the knitting was a wrap over of some sort. i just wasn't sure of the size.
I hope you are well and all is well with those around you. We have finished our broad beans and cauliflowers because an unexpected heatwave killed off the plants but we are still eating cabbages
Lots of love and cheers from Gillian

8:51 pm  

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