Friday, October 06, 2006

Action updates!!

Hmm I think after a few more months I will have to start using the old "vol 1 # 3" etc. In other words title ideas are drying up.

Anyway readers may remember me mentioning doing a course a couple of weeks ago by a well known NZ weaver, Anne Field. The subject was devore. Now this was aimed at weaving but 3-4 of us in our club requested being able to do it with knitting. Now Anne is in the process of writing a book on this techinque so was more than happy to do so as she wants to include knitting in her book. So I can only give you a short idea of what is involved.

Basicly we knitted samples, put on templates and painted on the solution either with the templates or freehand. Once dry the solution was heat set to acitvate it then washed out. The idea is to use both plant and animal fibre. The plant fibre is etched out of the final fabric.

It was a great day and produced some differing results. Definately a learning process. Some samples worked well and some didn't. But it has given me many wonderful ideas. Now just to find the time.....!!!!

This is a before shot. It shows the knitted sample and the stencils applied.

This pictures shows two finished samples. You can see the "washed" out patterns where the solution was applied. The lower one the white areas is the washed out patches.

The next pic show another sample where I tried using text.

The finished sample. It was difficult to keep the solution in the right area so the letters became blurred.

The small sample to the left used over twisted yarns. This baised and pleated on washing out.

Anyway a very interesting day. By the way I attended the Textile fibre forum lectures today. I would have loved to go to the workshop but couldn't really afford the $500NZ for the week. Perhaps next year.

Now some finished objects. I discovered that our young cadet at work, a 20 year old young man was "expecting a baby" not only that it was his second!!! So knitted these. Of course the baby arrived early before I had finished. But they have now been passed on.

It was rather fun to knit booties again. I can't think how many years it has been....!!

Next up I finally got around to twisting the fringe on my red scarf I wove. Here it is waiting to be washed.

Now talking about baby clothes DP has two nieces expecting next month so after enjoying the booties decided to knit some more. Now having an aversion to making more than one of anything hunted up this.....

.....from here.

An early birthday present, which I am enjoying reading at the moment.

Now I also am in sock mode so ........

No pic yet but have now got this far on the second of the pair. Knitting one at a time this time.

By the way while talking about babies do go and visit Kristi. She needs all the encouragement she can get as she is on bedrest for another 6 weeks or so ... go on I'll wait.

See the scans aren't they cute already.

Now a bit of excitement at work, we have had another southerly with cold biting winds and snow from the south. It was peeling off the sign next door to work so the fire brigade came to take it down. Of course it was when I had the kids so they had a great time watching out the window as the fireman chased the pieces across the carpark.

Now last but not least.....the Model railway clubs had their annual show so DP and I took the two DGC along. Great fun was had. Here they are "driving" Thomas. Of course the favourite of DGD
was the one complete with smoke and sound effects.

Oh well late again and working again tomorrow, better be away to bed.

Knit on all see you soon.


Blogger ferg said...

Another lovely array of projects. I'm not sure about the Devore technique on knitting after all the effort made to produce it in the first place but I'm a "Symmetrical, Square" sort of person. I dont like things moved or messed up.
I can understand the baby stuff though. After major stuff I always go back to a tea cosy or face-washer, sometimes quite a few before I go major again.
Love the hands-on train set display. I would have really enjoyed that too.
Cheers for now Gillian

3:29 pm  

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