Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ok I seem to be having trouble posting , it won't save the text of the message only the title and labels. So any with helpful ideas!!!

Ok lets see if this works!!

Yipee it did!!! Only problem I am on the Public access internet PC at my place of work. [ I work at a Public library] So I am hoping this will work at home tonight.

I haven't been able to post in soooo long. I wasn't aware of making any changes but all of a sudden I couldn't get the text content of my posts to save. So after hunting through the blogger site , post messages and emails to help I can only hope that they have managed to find a fix...!! :)

[Excuse me a minute while I check this is stilling working.... back in a minute. I hope...]

Yes still all OK... hope it works at home, don't want to have to do all my posting from work.

Anyways will try tonight and post some pics too.

Knit on all, cheers >^..^<


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