Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back to the grind

The only problem with going to art school and stretching out of your comfort zone? Well it can be harder to get back to the daily grind of every day life and work and... well you get the picture.

Summer school is always such an intensive experience. You learn so much squashed into a few days that you barely have time to think and then poof it is over .... for another year. You come home with some great images, hopefuly and no time to do more just when creatively you want to hide away and work...... Oh well it is better than having no time at all!

I definitely enjoyed the collage more than I thought. I have already started work on a collaged journal cover .. pic later perhaps :) [ Well it is hardly knitting lol]

The last couple of days we did surrealism, montage, chemical transfer and most interestingly - encaustic. A very old painting technique using beeswax and pigment with heat.

Of course one day back at work and I feel I have never left. Still the same old, same old. To make matters worse they up and annouce changes that effect my job while I am away without talking to me first. Now of course the manager is away for 3 & 1/2 weeks... but I can wait! I am like an elephant. Perhaps they they will make me redundant. I wish, they couldn't afford to I have been there too long. Seriously tho that won't happen but I would so like to leave ...so bored now. But at least it pays the bills.

Enough blabbing here is one pic I tried to post last week. One half of a pair , which will be lonely for a while longer until I finish my fashion parade entry.

As you can see plain stocking stitch, it was a jaywalker but some how my guage was way off so as we were away at the time and I needed to knit so just did it plain. Fits Ok and will be warm. If this summer is anything to go by we will need them sooner rather than later. The weather has gone mad. Freezing long winter and no summer , well a couple of days this week are finally warm enough to think beach but will it last.. hmmm.

Here is the bottom border of the knitted dress I am currently working on. You may just make out the modular squares and diamonds that I worked together and joined in the round before picking up the stitches to start the rest of the body. I have until the middle of Feb to get this baby finished so the chase is on....

Some of you may remember this wrap I knitted as the result of a club challenge. We all swopped small lengths of yarn and had to use them in a project. We were allowed to add our own colour. So I made a wrap using the modular squares and triangles. Then added a border and pom poms with beads.

Anyway to cut a long story short I ended up deciding if I knitted a dress to go with it it could be entered in our national fashion parade.. so much knitting later I am now up to the bust line nearly. [ Of course now it is big enough to be like a blanket on my knee the weather warms up and with my menopausal body, boy is it hot at times!!]

Another PS , no way is this for me, with a shape like that definitely a "10". Trying to resist the temptation to make it strapless.

Only the top then sleeves and neck band to go, will I make it ... watch this space.

Knit on all I am off to do some more rounds of brown.... Cheers


Anonymous Juliet said...

That dress is exquisite - it is going to be gorgeous and one of my fave colours, can't wait to see the progress, also LOVE the coloured knitting, fabulous.

8:30 am  

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