Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Goodbye christmas and hello summer

Well we hung on until twelveth night. But it was rather strange all around us christmas decorations came down and summer sale and back to school sale signs poliferated. We did our bit and had the lights on, watched christmas movies and gave gifts etc but we were definately in the minority.

So all is away again until next year and the house looks kind of sad and bare. A bit of sun would help!! Hmm it has warmed up a bit as in I can now leave off the coat but the layers stay.

Here is our tree in all its glory of the old and new and treasured.

But a least now our "New Zealand" Xmas tree or Pohutukawa is in flower. They say you can tell how hot the summer will bne as to when it is flowering. Well this year it waited until after christmas so guess we are in for a late and cool one. Surprise, surprise...!!!

But it is summer and now is time for my annual treat. That is art school. I wanted to do jewelery this year but was a bit slow to put my name down so am doing collage instead. I am really enjoying the process and it is much easier than the stone lithography I did last year. I have heaps of ideas already. Here are two works in progress.......

Picasso style...

and Matisse ....

Hmmm and here I was going to show you the latest pics of knitting and blogger won't play ball... ah well guess it well keep until next time.

Cheers and knit on >^..^<


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