Wednesday, February 28, 2007

UFO at last

A little bit of eye candy to start. Saturday sunset reflected in our harbour. Makes a bit of rain worth it. Just saying!

Anyway after a concentrated effort I have finally posted off my entry for this years fashion parade. I was glad to see the back of all that stocking stitch. It wasn't bad , a bit of mindless knitting but there is only so much of that one can stand...!!

So for better or worse here is the dress. Forgive the night pic but I needed to label, wrap and get ready for posting. With dial up I have only put up small images. I am still finding my way around New blogger and I can't seem to access Blogger from work anymore. They have been having a security lock down of sites they don't want us to access. So no more loading pics at work to type up later...:(

Here it is with the wrap that started off this whole journey. In real life it is more chocolate brown and colours are brighter. [ Hm US visitors can read color here. hehe ]

It wasn't a hard one to design but the shaping took a bit of ripping and redoing in parts, especially the sleeves. I was going for a slight bell shape with a retro look and a more contempory longer length. The modular squares at the bottom give it weight and a fur trim effect. Anyway I am happy with it. Hopefully it will get accepted and I will see it modeled. Being a size 10 no way was I about to deflate my ego by even attempting to try it on! :)

On the home front, summer having finally arrived we have been working hard to get the grounds and garden in shape before winter sets in. With all the stresses etc of the past few years not to mention all the child minding we have been doing it was starting to look a bit like Tarzan would swing through any minute. So slowly a bed at a time it is appearing and being replanted.

We spent one exhausting Saturday laying concrete slabs and gravel to tidy up the compost area at the back of the section and a dead plum tree is slowly being chopped up and removed for fire wood. Last Saturday the herb bed by the back door was weeded, dug over and replanted with a new trellis up the back steps with a passion friut and new herbs added to the old ones. The best thing about this is the fact that this bed is so close to the back door for a quick dash out to grab a herb at night while cooking.

So a bit of garden colour to brighten up a snowy northern winter.. :)

At work we have been having a bit of fun as well, for a change. Our library is part of a complex which includes a museum and art gallery. At the moment there is a Canadian exhibition of masks and totems. So staff were encouraged to make masks and faces for a totem. This was fun and here is my "mouse" for the pole. Still needs a paint yet.

They run an excellent school education programe as well so the kids have been having fun doing this to.

Anyway inbetween jam making , read trying to keep up with the blackberries gardening and project finishing I haven't had much time for anything else.

I have still managed a little ordinary knitting tho. Have finished the sleeves for DGD's jacket and am on to the second sock of a pair.

The next projects are, an item for an author for her new book, sorry can't tell yet, some linen to spin for mats and some silk to spin and knit for a sash for our exhibiton in May. So as my Grandmother would have said I should be safe as "the devil makes work for idle hands" and mine certainly ain't!

Happy knitting all.


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Hi, i have only just discovered the nz and Aust knit blog ring, after blogging for a while. I was getting a little disapointed at the lack of nz blogging knitters out there and them i linked to the next blog, yours. like the mouse, like the garden (envy at your landscaping and growing).

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