Sunday, May 06, 2007

Whew! What next?

Well that was a month and a half. After DS2's landlady announced that they were going to sell the house he was living in, it was all on. Land agents ringing and visiting not to mention the several open homes. As she wanted a large price on the house, even more than the current housing boom warranted we thought it would take a while but it suddenly sold which left us with 6 weeks to find him another home.

This proved nearly impossible and we thought that we would have to have him and the kids here. Fortunately we have a reprevie. A lovely little cottage a stone's throw from their school. Only fly in the oinment is that it is only for 6 months so we can have a rest over winter and start over again. We are hoping that the market will free up a little with more available.

As for the move... well exhausting. I am getting too old for this. We had to move in the middle of the week which mean DS's friends weren't able to help. It took from 6.00pm Monday through until noon Thursday. It didn't help that the 3 1/2 ton hire truck got stuck in the gravel up DS's new drive. They tried for nearly 2 hours to dig it out until we gave up and rung a tow company who took another couple of hours under spots [ dark by now ] to winch it out. Believe me when he moves out we will try car and trailer anything has to be easier than that $200 tow. Oh of course the large flight of stairs up to the house didn't help either. As the house is somewhat smaller that the last half his stuff , including fridge and washing machine is now stored guess where? Yes that's right in our garage!

The only plus about that... we didn't have to carry it up those stairs. Who needs the gym, by Friday I could barely function. At least with a long week-end this week we have had a couple of days to chill out. [ After the trips to the tip and Sallies that is.]

At least I now have my chest freezer back. I had lent it to DS as his fridge wasn't working well. As he now has a new fridge I now have room to freeze the garden vegies. So today was spent cleaning out 3 freezers and reorganizing them,. Yeah for room and ease of finding things again. I then froze 3 containers of tomatoes as well as making more relish. Just have to cut up and freeze some of the 14 pumpkins. That's right found another hiding under the tomatoes when I was pulling up some of the vines to make room for the winter vegies.

The weather is so topsy turvy at the moment. We had a freezing winter last year with a short late summer and now May has been the warmest on record. 18 + degrees this past week. So the tomatoes are still ripening well.

I think I have found a cure for startitis. With this course I am doing it needs a few samples knitted. They have been such a life saver this past month. A bit of mindless knitting with enough of a challenge to keep me interested. I have really enjoyed all the cast-on's , cast-off's etc. But now find I am hankering after a "bigger" project. So what next?

I want to knit some more of these for a dear Aunt to keep warm when the cold finally hits.

I know this yarn looks purple but believe me it is a dusky rose. Hmm amazing how a camera can chamge a colour.

These yarns are more true to colour. I am planning a knee rug for DM out of these from here.

I havc some spinning on the agenda as well. Here is some yummy mulberry silk silver in pastel colours and white China silk to ply with it. Oh just remembered I am spinning some at the moment. I did a workshop with Jo Reeve on carding colours and liked the results so much I have spun it up. I have also spun some silk to ply with it and thought something lacy to make it go a long way. Will have to take a pic of this for next time. This is in a lovely orangey hue.

Just incase you think I haven't been knitting I am working on some socks for DP. They are in a deep burgandy and the pattern is by Nancy Bush from Piecework. An old Weldon's pattern. They are going well. When I get time that is.

I suppose it is bed and off to work again tomorrow. Could do with a couple more days, hmm migrane coming on. :)

Anyway something to tempt the pics are up from our Creative fibre festival, go have a

Knit on all, cheers >^..^<


Blogger Stell said...

that move sounded like hard work, he is so lucky to have you close by to help out.
I've tagged you to blog 8 interesting things, rules at my blog, I was tagged recently and am passing the tag onto as many kiwi knit bloggers as I can/

stella from dunedin

4:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lots of hard work with more to come - good job you can still get some relaxing knitting in and plan for more exciting projects :-)

8:14 pm  

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