Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Where I am wrong make me willing to change, and
where I am right make me easy to live with!"

Am I the only one who is rather behind the play having only discovered Cast-on and the joys of podcasting?! I admit I have only had my I-pod a few months but really I did "find" the podcasts early on and DID download some. [The ones whose titles appealed] But the past couple of weeks I have been hooked on listening to Brenda's smooth tones while extrollling the virtures of knitting and more.

Never been much of a conformist I have listened to some out of order but have now begun back at the begining. So have just listened to episode #2 "A knitter's manifesto" .

This has got me thinking, after looking up exactly what "manifesto" meant what was "my policy"? My rules or lack of ... how did I approach my knitting..
So better or worse... here goes..

1. Knitting being something I started before I can remember , it sometimes feels as if I was born knitting. I mean I can't even remember those first stumbling attempts of knit and purl I guess I will knit until my hands no longer can hold needles or the brain fogs over. This hopefully leaves me many years ... I mean you just have to see the stash!

2.I will always be open to new techiqnues and fibres. Always learning and being willing to learn. Never have a "know it all attitude". After all there is more than one way to do anything!

3. Never miss a chance to pass on the addiction. Spread the fibrey goodness around after all it is the best form of stress release going. Have a willingess to share and teach.

4. Also never miss a chance to enhance the stash. I have to be able to have plenty to share if I am to do the above two , now come on!

5. Always be true to my instincts....... if I "know" it will be too short/long/wide give in early and rip before I waste a "lifetime" knitting what will be ripped anyway.

6. At the moment , put my "soul" , meaning into my work. Try and convey the message strongly.

7. Always try and "never" follow a pattern.... make it my own! Even in a small way.
Edited to add: [6.9.08]
8. When asked to comment on a fellow knitters work, blog etc always try to be honest in a kind and positive way.

Hmm that will do for now... what do you think?? What and how would you write your own manifesto? If you haven't heard Brenda do go and listen. I must admit to a slight feeling of guilt. I mean this enjoyment is free!! One day, when I have my life back and am not supporting [ helping ] two grandchildren I will be able to pay something for the efforts of such as Brenda. At the moment tho charity definately has to begin at home.

Enjoy >^.^<
Reading at the moment

"Knitting by the fireside and on the hillside: a history of the Shetland hand knitting industry c.1600-1950"

by Linda G. Fryer

A fasinating read. It is based on a thesis that Linda did so the book is very comprehensive indeed! But if like me you have an interest in Shetland lace and in anything to do with the history and background of knitting in general you will enjoy this book. I am only up to chapter two , reading in bed being the only time I normally get and only as long as I can stay awake this will take a while. But worth a look at.

Details for those who want to know

Printed and published by The Shetland Times Ltd in 1995
ISBN 1 8988852 01 4

Knit on



Blogger Natasha Burns said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and your wonderful words of encouragement, so sweet of you!

10:53 pm  
Blogger Christine said...

Hi Beverley,
thanks for stopping by my blog & taking the time to comment. I am still immersed in module 2 & would love an extra day a week to really get into it! Coming to NZ in 3 weeks but only the South Island unfortunately.

11:22 pm  
Blogger KathyR said...

The book on Shetland lace sounds quite interesting. Like you, reading seems to be mostly relegated to bedtime, now, so I am really slow at getting through books. Just as well as the library I go to doesn't have a very good selection of knitting books so I buy most of mine. It can get rather expensive!

1:28 pm  
Blogger Walled Garden said...

Hello there, I'm sorry I haven't commented for a while. I changed from redumbrella to this new one. I think you are doing wonderful stuff.I'm still spinning. 've got a Nagy which is terrific.I'm also dyeing using local and garden stuff.
Cheers for now

4:59 am  

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