Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Lest we forget"

"Think globally - act locally" Biologist Renee Du Bois"

There are days in our lives we never forget. We can remember where we were, what we were doing, the smells, food and clothes are as sharp in our minds as if it was yesterday.
The birth of a child, our wedding day. A special birthday or our first day at school/college.
Some days we wish we could forget and they haunt us still, the death of a spouse or loved one, an accident or getting lost.
Seven years ago this coming morning I arose early as I was still not sleeping well. So was planning on going to the gym. I had just passed my drivers licence a few days before hand so was able to drive myself there instead of lugging my gear up to the top of the road and getting the bus. To while away the time as it was so early I switched on my computer with the intention of checking my email.
In those days I was on the Knit U list and the Lacy knitters guild list and would read and post messages most days. I started at the top with the most recent......" when the first plane..."" " it war......." etc etc. I thought...."What...???!!! what has happened?
So went into the bedroom and put on the TV.... what a shock... the world trade centre...!! I couldn't watch. At this stage I was still suffering symptoms of post trauma after my dear husbands death. So rang a friend said.."Turn on your TV, I am coming up" So I hurriedly dressed, got in the car and drove around to his place. He was fixated to the unfolding horror but I couldn't bear to see the screen. So he related events as they played out before him. We eventually managed to get ready and went to work to find the whole place was in shock. They put a large TV on in the passage way between the gallery and library and all day there was a crowd around it.
Even today I can't look at the pictures of that tragic day, so many lost. I couldn't turn on the TV or read a newspaper for days.
In New Zealand and Australia we remember the fallen on ANZAC day once a year in April by wearing a poppy to represent those loved ones lost. So here is my poppy for you. I will be remembering the time and day. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who lost a loved one in such a tragic way. May our small efforts in our lives help toward global peace if not in our time then in our childrens.
Perhaps we can truely "knit the world together"
In memory...



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