Tuesday, June 26, 2007

100 today!!

Hi all.

Ok I know I have been a bad blogger this pic is my excuse.....

See that mess...that's my desk at work. They were building two offices around me. As a result I was verrrrrrrrry cramped and got seriously behind. [Never mind nearly caught up now.] Hmm you blog at home you say...well how about this for a reason...

After the warmest May on record, thank goodness as we had 18 degrees + while DS was moving it has been freezing cold with strong southerlies and rain off and on ever since. [ Southerlies in NZ mean winds straight from the South Pole so brrr snow to low levels etc.] Ok this is not half the cold you readers may put up with but consider this. Very few NZ houses have central heating. Normally just heaters or fires altho heat pumps are gaining in popularity.

We have a lovely enclosed log box which can pump out some heat but when it is very cold the computer room being the furtherest from the lounge is frigid. So hence the reluctance to blog. I tend to hover around the fire with my knitting. Great for getting it done...or it would be if the resident feline didn't consider my knee her exclusive spot at night.

I have been dare I say it ...crocheting a blanket and she has been a real pain. When knitting the ball of yarn moves steadily along but crochet makes it move quicker and jump about more.. and I guess it is too cold to hunt....!!!

I have been knitting tho. Nearly finished my samples and am up to the sleeves for a jersey for my DGS. I have also just started a lace project with this........

Remember I said I had been spinning.[ Excuse the poor pic, oh for a new camera..! ] Well this is the small skein I produced. Merino and silk. A very yummy small 164 metre skein. I have drawn up a design for a cravat and hope to have enough to finish. I can always spin a little more of the silk mix for the edging but am hoping it will go the distance.

Sorry no pics of any knitting that will have to wait for some better light.

This post is my 100th...weeeee!!! I am not the world's best writer or conversationist, as DS1 will testify. But I have made it through a year and a half of this. So for any readers who may still lurk along in the hope that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or long abandoned any writing I am putting a couple of items up for a lucky draw in a small celebration of my 100th.

As I have just got back into spinning lace weight I have discovered that I have two copies of Margaret Stove's Merino spinning book so will give one away.

I also have two copies of the Ashford book of spinning , an older ex library edition so will pass one copy on to a good home.

Last but not least for the knitters I have a lovely fine skein of Margaret Stove's designer fine 2ply Merino. This has to be the best, softest yarn. I may be able to find a little something to go with this as I think I have a ball that I started knitting but ripped out. So will put that in with it.

As I strongly suspect there are not many readers who have hung on this long in the vain hope of a post I will give a couple of weeks say until the 10th July for names to be posted in the comments then I will get my DP to drawn three names out of the hat. First name gets first pick etc.

Stell has also tagged me for "eight intereting things" but as I knew this was my 100th post thought I would save that until next time.

Knit on all, hope all are warm, cold or whatever suits.

Cheers >^..^<
PS I am blogging at work, though my desk is now clear , still cold at home hmm will post at work in the warm during break.