Thursday, March 30, 2006

I love Thursdays

I think I should write a song, instead of "I hate Monday's" it should read "I love Thursday's". Or I would if I could write music. Lol! The kids are with their Dad I have knitting time again until Sunday and all is right in my world. And heh it is Friday tomorrow and this week I don't have to work Saturday.

To top it off Blogger decided to let me post my pics tonight. :)

First let me catch up with happenings. Fortunately we still had DS#2 old car that I had brought for him last year at the auction. It goes well although the gear box is on the way out. [ Overdrive doesn't work anymore.] He has just got an old / better car from my cousins wife when they upgraded so doesn't need this one any more. I was meant to be selling it but hadn't got around to it yet. [ Needs cleaning etc ]

It has meant however that we were able to drive up to Mum's tonight and leave it with her which gives her time to decide what to do about her car. Whether to fix, or replace. I would still like a second opinion. I tend to get suspious when a mechanic wants to buy your car he has just been trying to convince you is on its last legs. Moreover wants it for a song and quotes you mega amounts for repairs!!!

Other than that haven't been up to much. Other than work of course!! :( Finding it hard to concentrate in that direction at the moment. ]

So on to the pics promised last post........

First up is the back of my Festival jacket.

This is turning out so well. The pics don't do it justice. Must get broadband one day and then will be able to post bigger pics. Too slow at the moment. I have shown this around to guage reactions. It all seems to be wow at the moment. I am now half way up the first front so hopefully will finish both by Saturday.

Next pic is a close up of the ten yarns/threads I am using to knit this eye stopper.

One orange mohair, one orange fake fur, one multi eyelash, one multi ladder with coloured bobbles, the rest are wool in differents colours. Purple, browns and orange. The eyelash gives a sort of mulitcoloured "haze" over the orange , very effective.

I think the needle size is 20mm as I don't have a needle guage that big. They are approx broomstick handle size.

Of course they are knitting up real quick and the effect is amazing. I am quite enthused, can you tell?? Have plans for other garments using different colours. One of the yarns is a multi colour from Spotlight, a large craft store. It has two plies one a multi colour with bobbles and the other an eyelash. It is possible to 'unply" this which is what I have been doing. This has given me an eyelash to use in the knitting and I will be able to use the bobble one another time perhaps even plying it with some homespun. So two yarns for the price of one. $2 a ball on special.

This brings me to the next pic which shows some more stash enhancement. Oh dear!!! The one on the left is the eyelash plied with multicolour bobbles and the one on the right is a tuffed yarn. Thought these could go good together. Will hunt through my stash for the other 8 to go with these.

Well that my news tonight. Time to head off for a read and supper.

Knit on all >^..^<

PS Heard recently that there are now over 15 million bloggers in the world, wow that could sure be a power for good!! [ Wonder how many of them are knitters??]

PPS Wow must wear my glasses while posting at night. My home PC screen is only 15 inch and I have just done a little editing!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Part 2...

Ok so blogger doesn't want to post pics tonight. I will have to wai until tomorrow.

I wanted to show you that I have finished the back of my festival jacket, nearly up to the armholes on DP's jersey and .... had a little stash enhancement to cheer me up.

As you can tell I made sure I had a little sit down in front of the Telly tonight. Watched a bit of comedy and did some knitting. World feels a little more on an even tilt now!!! Still feel a bit sad for Mum tho. She did sound much better tonight however. I am pleased that DB is gong to help , we haven't seen much of him for the past two years so this may build some bridges.

Off to bed and my new knitting mag. Forgot to say got that in town yesterday as well. Vogue knittings latest new mag.

Hope all is well with all.

Knit on >^..^<

Perhaps I should remind myself of this , Mum and Dad helped me alot over the years so suppose it is my turn!!! May your life be a little less difficult as well!!

"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other." George Eliot

Monday, March 27, 2006


Hi all. I have just had one of those "sh** happens days!!

So much for a day off and putting ones feet up and watching a movie and knitting etc etc. Day started well, went to the gym with a friend then back home for breakfast.

Today marks the 4th anniversary of my dad's death and I had arranged to meet Mum at the cemetry to take fresh flowers etc.

So DP and I headed off to town, Wellington our capital city this morning. I managed to get the ball of yarn I needed to go with my latest project. Or one of them that is. The "festival jacket" We got back in time for lunch and headed off to the cemetary to meet Mum She happened to be driving in the gate ahead of us and I said to DP that her car seemed to be smoking a bit.

Tuesday 28.3

Ok didn't get post finished yesterday so here's part 2. We followed Mum up to the site and when she stopped she popped the bonnet and boy was the car smoking. Unfortunately Mum is rather unexperienced when it comes to cars and really should have stopped once the car started to over heat. The engine was so hot one of the spark plugs had popped out of the engine. You could have fried an egg on the bonnet. Anyway we rung the AA who confirmed what I expected in that it could be the head gasket. He rung us a tow truck and we waited....!!! 20 minutes for the AA and 45 for the tow. That will teach me not to take my knitting everywhere, thought I was only going to be out 30 minutes.

The tow truck driver was a real scream. He pulls up gets out and says " she picked a good place to die on yer"!!! and then "not often we get a pick up in the "dead" centre of town!!!"

So after loading the car on the truck we followed them up to where Mum lives at Paraparaumu, about 20-30 minutes drive on a good day and off peak traffic wise. Took the car straight to the garage and then took Mum home and had a cup of coffee before finially getting home by 5.30pm. Of course DS#2 had rung and "Mum can you do me a favour? It is met the teacher tonight can you watch the kids....?? So there went the evening as well!!

I seriously considered a "headache" today but went to work...!!!

Heres Mum's poor car.

Anyway it turns out that not only is the head gasket gone but the head is cracked as well. So considering the age of the car ir is not worth fixing. So fortunately still have DS#2's old car so can lend that to her while she considers her options. DB is going to try and get a good price for the old one and find her another. She , Mum was rather upset but that is life it was 16 years old and could have gone anytime anyway. Just that cars are so expensive when you are on a pension and all.

As for "breakdowns" nearly had one!!!! I thought bring the men in white coats I need a break!!! Seriuosly after the past few years of stress etc this year is a breeze but could do with some R&R. Can't remember the last time I just had a day at home without feeling like I had to do something like peel tomatoes watch kids etc.

Hmm... now blogger is being unco-operative just when I want to show you some pics of knitting. Will try saving this one and do another post . we will see!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I won't be cold this winter!!

Hmmmm.... My olympic cape at last is finished. I am still not sure if I like it or not. Here is a picture of the back view. I am not being "coy" but by the time I got home [ and inside ] it was dark and the front shots didn't come out so well so will try again tomorrow. But as promised at least you can see the back.
The colours don't show up as clear as I would like. The flash I suppose, so you can't quite see all the shades and weaving. But at least enough to get an idea.
No wonder it took so long to knit... The "thing" is rather large!! Like wearing a small blanket so should be very warm.

I much prefer the latest project , my orange festival jacket. By the way I am nearly half way up to the armholes on this. I did have a couple of false starts and then decided it was turning out a little wide so unpicked and started again. I have had to stop and knit the back separately than the fronts as the needles were not long enough to take the thickeness. Shame as I am not keen on sewing up.
What's that you say...?? Dp's green jersey?? I have been working on it but after ripping back half the sleeves because they were turning out too long and I had to move the increases closer together I am now nearly back to where I was. Promise to get back to it before it is too cold. [ Had better hurry if this weather keeps up!!}
Talking about weather.. day light saving went back last Saturday and it seems as if Autumn has arrived. We have had wet, windly and chilly weather all week. As a result we have been flat out at work. Oh where do I work?? At a public library and of course what do you do when not out side at the beach or in the garden ?? At home with a good book! So we were flat out today...5 hours on my feet running around. Tired tonight is a bit of an understatement.
Still I get Monday off work so at least can get some things done around here. Sitting down and knitting in front of telly and a good movie would be good but I suppose mundane things such as washing etc need some attention. Dare I mention tomatoes. We have had such an awesome crop this year. I don't think I have ever seen so many. After having a week of bad weather thought they may have died off somewhat but picked 2-3 buckets full tonight. So guess I will be peeling tomatoes again tomorrow...sigh! We also have the kids for the day so not much knitting tomorrow.
Well that is me today ,not much has happened.
Knit on all. >^..^<
PS perhaps blogging helps us see what we have done....!!!
"I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done." Marie Curie
How true this statement can be..!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

At last ....pic's!!!!

It has taken a while after repeated attempts to post these pictures. I think the problem was that I had saved a draft of a picture I was trying to use as a background and that seemed to stop any more loading!!?? So if any of you are having problems it may be worth trying either to delete or publish any draft postings.
I can tell you one thing tho...I must check more carefully when I post late at night. Boy does my grammer and spelling take a dive! Of course I can always use my excuse that being a little deaf spelling and grammer have never been my strong point. I couldn't "hear" the words and as a result when spelling I quite often spell them how I hear them. Oh well never said I would make much of an author. Much better knitter than writer. One can't be good at everything. So please do bear with me. :) [ I "say" this as I know it annoys some a lot when spelling and grammer is not used "correctly"]
At last I can show you the pins I have made. I have decided to use the one on the black plastic hair skewer. I prefer the effect on the cape. I know, I know you all want a pic of the cape. Well I hope to do that tomorrow. I was a little late home tonight to get a decent pic. Unfortunately I have to work all day tomorrow and by the time I get home the kids will have arrived from their Mum's access visit. Will still try and get a picture tho.

The brown one won't be wasted tho. I have been sorting out the yarn for my next project. Of course I didn't have enough of the right colour in the stash so I had a quick trip to "Spotlight" , a fabic,craft,curtain etc store at lunch time today. Years ago as in the late 60's I knitted a jesery/sweater in bulky weight orange wool. I loved that jersey and the colour. Of course bulky is back in again. So revealing.........................

This pic shows the small sample of the simple jersey I want to make to wear to the festival which starts on the 20th April. Note that Stephanie... a deadline. However it should be easy as I am going to be knitting at least 10 strands together. Only 22 stitches on the back. The guage is 1 stitch per inch. I am going to cast on back and front together and knit straight up to the armhole. I thought perhaps a cropped jacket length.
As you can see orange is the main colour but I am adding purple and mustard yellow with a touch of the yellow/fawn that I brought last week with the knitting machine.
I was surprised how good the sample felt considering I am using broomstick sized needles. It should drape well with plenty of body. I was going to do garter stitch but the stocking stitch is holding so well with out rolling may do this instead. In fact it is knitting up so well I can't wait to get on with it.
More stash you say, well I am using some wool I purchased to knit jeserys for my boys back in the early 80's !!!!! So this is proving to be a stash buster as well. In fact if this works out OK may try to get rid of some of the reds as well. Can you tell I like red and orange??
The pin you say, well I will take off the small blue button from the wooden stake and use an orange one instead. It should go well with the jacket. As I never seem to button up jackets anyway a pin should be enough and well save on having to figure out buttonholes in that large guage.
The last pic is Patches getting comfortable on another garge sale find. An old teddy bear I felt sorry for. He is keeping my old bear from the 50's company at the moment. He is a little worn so may need a jersey or at the least a scarf one day.
What amazes me is that she is sleeping on the rocking chair. Doesn't seem to mind the motion at all as she gets up and down.

Well once again supper is ready and I am off for a read.
Knit on all see you tomorrow!! >^..^<

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Final things

Well!!! Finally it is Thursday. Some time to do my own thing.
I have been getting a little frustrated trying to add some colour and/or a pic to the title bar of my blog. Not having much luck yet. But never say never will get there one day. However if any out there have any helpful advice ...???
Tonight I have finally finished the pin/pins for my cape. I didn't like the affect of the first mutlicoloured one I made so have made two in the dark blue. These look much better I think against the colours. I think that I prefer the one which is larger and on the black plastic stick. I do like the wooden one but as it is dark brown I am not sure if I like this against the blue and colours of the cape.
I was going to post pics but blogger is being rather of a pain tonight!!! I will have to wait until tomorrow to show you all. :(
Today I have been emailing another spinner from Cape Cod. Hi Irene!! Irene is so lucky as she is coming over to New Zealand next week to tour and meet lots of spinners and creative fibre people as well as attend our Creative fibre festival next month.
I have also been asked to bring my Merino spininng course folder that I did with Margaret Stove earlier last year to the festival to share with you all. So have looked it out and put it with things to take. Yes I have a pile already!! Not even started to sort out projects yet...!! I am starting to get somewhat excited about going. It will be great to hopefully take my laptop and camera and perhaps share in a some small way with you all.
My problem at the moment is to find a box the right size to post off my entries to the exhibition. I believe it may be a bit of a challenge to get them accepted but I am hopeful of my basket. The entry form was sent off today for better or worse.
Ah well I have wasted far too much time again fiddling with html code. Off to bed to read.
Knit on >^..^< I promise pics tomorrow all being well!!


Monday, March 20, 2006


Hi all just a quick post tonight.

Thought I would show you all what I picked up on Saturday at a local fair.First up was a couple of supermarket bags of odd yarn. Mostly acrylic etc but some good fawn. All will come in handy in the stash. Even if just to give the grand daughter to knit dolls clothes with. Might protect my more precious fibre!! The finer cones are good for plying with handspun to make novelty yarns. Can even knit with several strands together.

Next , I was pleased to get this ball. After trying for weeks to get similar for a project and coming to the realization that it didn't seem available any more have finally got a ball!!

But the one I am really pleased with and also the reason for buying the above as they came in the bag with this treasure....!!!! Nearly 250 grams of some yarn from my favourite supplier. The Little Wool co. The tag was still in the bag so I know it was originally $21.

I managed to get all this yarn for $5NZ so was really chuffed at this. But the next pic shows what I am really pleased about. I wanted one of these when they were first released. Now with the use of felted knitted and dying knitting and unpicking and reknitting this little item will come in very handy.

Yes a knitting machine. But not just any one. I already have a big machine which I don't use much as it uses mostly fine yarns and I much prefer handknitting anyway. This one will knit double knitting weight, 8ply. So I will be able to try some out some projects in dying and felting. Should even knit up finer hand spun. Am keen to try this out but must get one or two other outstanding projects finished. It came with all the attachments etc including a pattern book. This only cost me $20NZ!!

So all in all a good find. Even if I had to get some yarns I might not normally buy. Anyway better be off. Someone else wants the internet connection.

I have at least done all the beetroot tonight. Back to tomatoes later in the week. :( also the kids the next two days so may not be able to post again till Thursday. I am working on the second pin for my cape so will show you both and give you a choice. Off the find my society number to put on the entry form for the exhibition.

Knit on all and a good night!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dorset buttons

Hi all, today I came very close to finishing my cape. I wanted a pin / fastener for it. The last cape I made I used a pin but find it fiddly to do up so thought I would try something a little different.
I have used Dorset buttons in the past as they are really good with hand spun. When you make something that needs a pin / button and you have knitted it in hand spun it can be very difficult finding a button to match. Dorset buttons are a very traditional button made in England. Please feel free to Google them to find out the history. I use just one of the many versions available to try. I have found them very quick and easy to make and I tend to make all my buttons instead of buying them as I find I prefer them.
Anyway here goes.... First find a brass curtain ring slightly smalller than the size you need. Other metal rings, or indeed bone can be used. But please remember that it must withstand the stress of the warp and also that it mustn't rust / corrode if washed with the garment.
Cut a length of the yarn you want to use, Cut it very long as you need to make sure you have enough to get into the weaving as it can be hard to join in a new thread before this stage. Using this thread , thread a darning needle.
Now using button hole stitch work around the ring covering the end of the thread as you go. Make sure you snug up the stitches as tight as possible.
Once the ring is completely covered join the last stitch to the first by pushing the needle under the thread of the first stitch. Now turn the "ridge" of the button hole to the inside of the ring. Using the thread left procede to "warp" the covered ring. Go from top to bottom and then work around the ring much like creating spokes of a bicycle.

When you have wrapped the warp around the whole ring it should look like the above. It can take a few "goes" to get the placement right. It can also be a little confusing as the warping threads can show from underneath, and they look crooked but just keep concentrating on the top.
When you have reached this stage you need to do a cross stitch at the centre. When doing this pull up tight to get the threads to form a more even warp. Do the cross over both the top and bottom threads this way pulling them together.

Now bring up the needle from behind , between two of the warp threads. You will from now on treat the front and back threads as one.
You will now weave on these threads. You will weave by using a back stitch. That is you will take the needle back over one and then forward under two. Repeat.

You keep weaving around and around until the warp is covered. Make sure you weave until the centre is completely filled and firm. Keep any thread at the back to attach your button.

I have a black "chop stick " which was designed for putting in the hair. My DP drilled some small holes in the top through the side. I will use these to attach my button to the top thus hopefully making a pin to fasten my cape.

I hope this is clear! Please feel free to comment and ask any questions. These buttons are mentioned in several books as well.
I have also done some more computer knitting and am close to doing the top of the sleeves on my green jersey.
I have also boiled and reduced the tomato sauce and made more relish. From now on I am just going to pulp and freeze them. We won't have to buy any tinned ones this year!!
Oh well bedtime again. Hope all are well.
Knit on >^..^<

Friday, March 17, 2006

'House keeping"

Shock - horror !! No I don't mean vacuming or dusting. Why disturb the dust bunnies they aren't hurting anyone!

No I have had a bit of a blog spring clean. Thanks to Matthews help I have managed to tidy up my side bar a little and work on the linking , text etc.

So you may notice a few differences. So thanks sooooo much to Matthew! I have met so many kind people on the net/blogging world. I know that there a a few weirdos out there but have avoided them so far.

I suppose I better mentioning "knitting" before I get off to bed having spent rather a long time on the "spring clean".

I have now managed to get 2/3 of the sleeves done on my computer knitting, green jersey for DP. I must be spending too much time on the PC. :) I am going to have to find another easy project at this rate.

Tomorrow I must get the pin done for my cape as the entry forms need to be sent off and I have to label and pack it up with my basket. They need to be there at the end of this month so I mustn't leave it to the last minute again!

A thought before I get off to bed. For those of you who are fed up of winter or are suffering a little:

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity prosperity would not be so welcome" Anne Bradstreet

Knit on all I promise to post some pics of buttons tomorrow. >^..^<

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Warning some non-knitting content included

Well!!! After a fraught couple of days I have finally got time to "catch up". It has now been nearly 2 years since DS#2 was successful in gaining custody of his two small children, now 4 & 5 years.We have had quite a battle through family court etc but the kids are doing really well now. However we are still battling WINZ [ Work & Income New Zealand, Social Welfare] to gain his full entitlements. We have only tried for the past 2 years to gain this. In the end we went to the Ombudsman, not sure of the equivilant overseas. However have had continuing problems. He was "cut" off his benefit again this Tuesday so it took a few phone calls etc but hopefully this time all is well. I will believe it when I see it !!!
We have gained a bit of ground because acting under advice he requested a "benefitt review by committee". This seems to have made them get their act together. It has certainly made them "find" forms lost for 2 years.
What with this and it being Tuesday/Wednesday when I do my "granny bit" by looking after the kids I have been rather busy. I also had to boil the tomato sauce again as well as it was a little runny. However looking good now. I tell you we won't be running out any time soon. Just picked another 3 large bowls full of tomatoes tonight!! I WILL NOT be planting 39 plants next year!!

I did however manage to finish this.....

It is a shoulder wrap for an elderly lady friend of my Aunties. I knitted a dusty pink one for Auntie for Christmas and her friend loved it. They are at the age that they spend alot of time sitting with visits to hospital etc. So a light airy shoulder wrap is just the thing. Because they are in a home which has central heating this is just right. I did bead Aunties one as well and it turned out very pretty. Old people like pretty things as well and no reason why they shouldn't feel attractive and well turned out!!! And as it happens very fashionable as this is a Vogue pattern.

The pic was taken at night so the pattern doesn't show so well but it is knitted in a lovely lofty bulky yarn on large needles. So is light but very warm. Hope she likes it!

I have also made some progress on my "computer knitting". That is the jersey/ gansey I am knitting for my DP out of a nice warm bulky wool. This pic was also taken at night and it is surprising how much "lighter" the green looks. It is really more of a dark forest green. Anyway have now done the front and backs to the armhole and 6inches of the sleeves. I will knit the sleeves and then see how much yarn I have left. If needed I will use a contrast in the patterned yoke if short of the green.

It is amazing how much stocking stitch one can knit while waiting for things to load etc. I only have dial up so it is rather slow at times. An understatement to say the least!!!!
You may also notice a change to the right.....>>>>>>>. I have been playing around with a percentage bar link I discovered. I don't have it quite right yet but the man who wrote the programme is very helpful. Hopefully I can iron out the bugs over the next day or two. You can find a link to this here. Good luck ...!!
I have also being thinking about the pin for my Knitting olympics cape. This is finished by the way , just awaiting a moment to have a photo shoot.
I am thinking of doing Dorset buttons as a base for my pin. Now many of you no doubt know how to do these but was wondering if any are interested in seeing a step by step via photo and blog. If so post a comment and I will take photos of the steps and post them with a description of method.
Well I think it is my turn to get supper. I have some reading to catch up on as well. I see that Stephanie has just received her new book. I have yet to read her second but am looking forward to it. Believe me humor is the breath of life to me at times with the stresses of life!!
I will leave you with a thought... perhaps blogging has replaced letters!!!
"What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters. You can't reread a phone call." Liz Carpenter

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Something old and something new!

HI all, thought it was about time that I showed some pictures of knitting I have done. [ Not lace yet , I will save that for later.]

Anyway first up is a pic of a car I knitted. Now this is an "old" project nearly 15 or so years in fact. I have posted it to show Monkee. Monkee is a blogger who has done some fab work especially lace. At the moment tho she is stirring the net with a funky caveman. Check him out here. I have yet to find the space ships, trucks, fish tanks etc.................!!

Photo is a little blurry but then it is only 8 inches long!

Next up is some "fur" triming I made for my denim jacket. Not had much comment on this one yet. I think people are not sure what to make of it!! Also it has been a bit hot until now to wear it much. I added a large knitted flower on the back as well. What doesn't show is that I used a chunky yarn in green with touches of purple. I then used a purple eyelash yarn alternately to give a purple haze over the green.

Presenting my knitting bag. A knitted backpack. Now this I admit was a pattern from Knitters. Altho I did make a few changes and also lined it to stop the needles falling out. I have used this every day since I made it and it is so useful. Also made a small case to hold needles, tape measure, sissors, pen etc. I lined this as well. I must admit to getting alot of comments on this one. But no I don't think I would knit another. There is alot of knitting in this...!!

This is the first bag I made. Again from a Knitters pattern. I changed it a little. I also beaded the top and tassell. I also made a small knitted, felted purse to go inside. Not sure if I will get much use out of this as it is more an evening bag. I am not much of an "evening" person. But perhaps at the Creative fibre festival it will get an outing.

I also lined this one but this time used a lovely blue silky lining fabric.

Now here is what has been keeping me busy of late...... I have now done another 13lbs of tomatoes. Will be doing another 13lbs today. Have just been trying to buy a bigger stockpot but couldn't get one anywhere bigger than 12 litres which I have already. So will just have to make do for now.

Well it is now Monday. Started this post on Sunday pm but blogger was not running well. Sooooooooo slow and not posting pics at all. So saved it untll today. Have been up to Mum's and helped her with her knitter's loom. She had warped it fine just the tension needed adjusting and she wasn't putting the reed in the right place to create the sheds. Now she is away!!! Was so rushed forgot to take a photo. Never mind at least I now have a super idea for a pressie for her for mother's day.

I have now finished my cape, will be washing as soon as I have finished this post. Now to make a pin. Did try to buy one but nothing looked right. Might try the bead shop in Petone on Sunday.

So will post a pic of this as soon as it is dry. Off to peel more tomatoes and bottle yesterdays sauce!! Starting to think that it will be too soon if I ever see another one.

Knit on >^..^<

Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Offering plastic storage bins a free good home..."

Wow!! I don't believe it , but I have just managed to achieve something I have tried to do for a while. It was so easy as well. That is to place pics where I want in my blog instead of all at the top. Just had to select no layout and click and drag or enter to create a space for text. The trick when dragging the pic is to make sure you drag it to a gap big enough to take the image.

Anyway working on a Saturday proved to have it advantages after all. Hehe the local fabric barn sells a small amount of yarn and wandering around at lunch time I discovered that they had a 5-50% sale on. So the following green yarn "just jumped right" into my bag.

I also picked up a ball of this........
I have had an idea from Knit.1. [I will get flack for this one from certain quarters!!!] I want to knit a steering wheel cover for my car. By the way I have a red sporty car. Will go with the red dice that a friend gave me as a joke when I got my driver's licence 4 years ago. She took a year to teach me to drive with the help of other friends. She has nerves of steel this one..!! She threatened to buy me the dice but never expected me to hang them! Just had to call her bluff. I ended up having to buy an automatic as I didn't have the confidence in the manual. [Altho I can drive one]. So just happened to get the Celica... my pride and joy.. Granny racer!! But that is another story..!
One of the things I had planned to do today was to go to a local school fair. Love to hunt up the bargins. So DP was instructed to watch out for "any yarn/threads" This was what he picked up...only $2 the lot.
Didn't he do well!! It is all cotton and he wasn't sure if I would want it!!! But I am sure it will come in handy gg.
Knitting content!! I have managed to get so close to finishing my cape should really be working on that instead of typing. Just one more row of stitching and a pin. Thought I might try and buy one this week. So a pic should follow soon of this.
Have the kids for the day tomorrow and have about 10 kilos of tomotoes to turn into sauce so may have to wait until Monday. Also going up to Mums on Monday as she has one of these new Knitters looms put out by Ashford's and needs a little help warping up. So Monday is looking good for crafty things. Must remember the camera.
Anyway off to try out linking now, I seem to be getting the knack of this!! Here's a sunset from our deck to close the day with.
Knit on all >^..^<
PS The links work too...!!! :) Check yesterdays post!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Another late night!

Well two steps forward another few back. Those of you who have visited before may notice a couple of new items on the sidebar.

Namely a clock and counter. Thought it would be fun to see how few , many visit me here. I suspect not many. My writing is no way as interesting or fun as for example the Yarnharlot. [ My spelling leaves a lot to be desired as well] Not a flash map yet but a start at least. The clock was just a bit of fun and to see if "I could do it" post it that is. :)

I have yet to succeed in posting a button after not a few tries. The clock tells me it is yet again well past bedtime. Computers can be such time wasters , especially when one doesn't know what one is doing.

Perhaps I should stick to knitting!!! DP came in and said "Oh you are doing html code!!" Wish I had taken more notice before. I wonder if I can convince them at work that I need an urgent course or two! Feel an urgent need to befriend anyone who understands this jargon.

Anyway I have made small progress into demystifying blogging. Have yet to try the multipics in text as suggested by a helpful commentor. Thanks Gillian!

I have managed to sew quite a bit more on my cape tonight. Only 1/2 of the bottom strip to stitch and then just to catch down some of the cross-over sections on the top, find/make a clip and I will finally be done. I promise a picture soon. Also have knitted to the arm hole on the front of DP's jesery.

I have yet to finish the wrap. Not so urgent now as I have to work tomorrow as our Saturday supervisor is sick. Heh I get to be acting supervisor for the day. First time!! Better not let the power go to my head. Hehe. I was warned that they wanted the staff to still be there come Monday. Hmmm........

Anyway I have a new book from Wellington library calling me "Oddball Knitting" so off to peruse.

Good night all and happy knitting.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A "quickie"

Considering the lateness of the hour, ie well past bedtime this will be a quick post.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are "down" days for me. Since DS2 split from his partner and has become main carer for his two children I play a "hands on" granny. On these two days I get up early , get ready and make lunch. Then around to his place to get the two kids, 4 & 5 years old up and ready to go. I drop one at school and the other either at daycare or kindy. After work I pick up one from school and the other from daycare, take them home and give them tea while we wait for "daddy" to come home from work. So I start the day before 7 and don't get home until after 8. Loooooooooooong day!!

But yipee tonight is Wedensday so no kids now until Saturday night when their Mum drops them off after access. Don't get me wrong love them to bits but they do eat into my free time... free time what's that!!! lol.

So I haven't finished the sewing up yet on my cape but wanted to wait until I wasn't so tired. But did get the front nearly finished on the jesery I am knitting for my DP. Once I have done the sleeves will know how much yarn I have so will then do the yokes on the front and back. Can use a contrast if running short.

I have also done nearly 2/3 of the wrap I was asked to knit for my Aunts friend. Hope to have this finished by the time I next visit. So that means this weekend!!

No sauce making yet that will have to wait until Saturday. If I don't have to work that is as I am back up this week. Nobody better go sick I have plans!!

But am really excited!! DS#1 , who has been living and working in Washington, the city for the nearly 3 years is applying for a job in New Zealand. This would be great as , not that he would like me saying so I have missed him a lot. Has a great sense of humor!!! Will try not to count my chickens before they hatch tho. It may not happen. I would have loved to visit him. Especially at christmas time, have always wanted a white one. Haven't been able to afford it tho.

Anyway off to bed to get some sleep.

Knit on >^..^<

Monday, March 06, 2006


Hi all, I suppose you may wonder where I have been!! Busy peeling tomatoes for the most part of the weekend. 22 lbs in fact!! The garden went into over time while I was otherwise busy with Olympic knitting.

So 2x tomato relish and 14 lbs into soup and I have at least made a start on the back log. Sauce making next!! It has certainly been a bumper year for them.

Anyway as promised Janey here is the recipe for Courgette cheese pie. I hope I am not breaking any copywrite issues here but the origins of this recipe have disappeared some what as it is from a friend of a friend of a friend!!

"Courgette Cheese Pie"

!/2 cup grated cheddar cheese
3 cups grated courgettes
1 cup baking mix
1/2 cup oil
2 Tbsp chopped parsley
4 large eggs
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix the cheese, courgettes, baking mix, oil and parsley together in a large bowl.

In a smaller bowl, beat the eggs and seasoning.

Add to the larger bowl and pour into a greased 23 cm pie plate.

Bake at 190 C for 40 minutes.

I added powdered chicken stock instead of salt and pepper. You can also add chopped dried tomatoes. I thought that the next time I make it I would add some sauted onion as well as cottage cheese. I prefer tasty cheese as well but this is a matter of preference.

Anyway a very easy and tasty dish, lovely with a tomato and salad.

As for knitting??!! Well I am slowly sewing my cape together. Only one more strip and a few ends to finish then I will cast off the bottom. It is looking good. It feels surprisingly good on. Warm and cosy and not as heavy as I feared. I think I will enter it in our Creative fibre exhibition in April along with the basket. Oh and I have started a new jersey/sweater!! Have done the back to the armholes and front is one third done. Can't keep a good girl down. Mind you it is a nice easy stocking stitch one altho I plan on a patterned yoke. Pixs to follow.

Speaking of the festival , getting rather excited about this!! Arranged the accommodation today. Rather lucky to be able to share with a nice Westporter, hi Beryl!!! Within easy walking distance from the main venue as well. This will be good as I am taking my Mum. We are looking forward to this first trip away together since both our husbands died. Better hide the credit card with all those trades oh dear I can see the stash increasing already. Especially as I seem to have so many ideas since KO. Here is our National web site for any interested readers. Just click and check out our festival 2006 and you will see where we are going and what we are getting up to. At least this time I will have a camera to share with you all!! My first exhibiton entry was in the 1985 festival in Hastings as I had learnt to spin the year before. So this is a little like turning back the clock at a new begining as I am just starting to get back into it again. I also had an entry in the fashion parade that time as well. Ah well there is always next year.

Ah well it is getting late and two new knitting mags are calling.

Knit on >^..^<

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

UFO's to Fo's at last!!

Finally, drum roll here I have finished the knitting on my Olympic cape!

It is all "woven" together and I just have to figure out how to finish it off! Seriously tho I am going to pin it all with safety pins, much as quilters do quilts then I can lift it up onto my knee and begin the ending off ends and sewing strips together bit.

This will sure beat crawling around on the floor to do it. My back is not as young as it used to be. Will have to fight off the cat, she thinks it is her exclusive mat now!

I used a provisional cast-on and haven't cast off the ends so I can adjust the length and also graft the ends to the bands at centre front. I hope to "snuggle" up the strips as I sew so may have to undo a little at the other end. I am more pleased with it than I thought. It will certainly be warm as it is mostly a double thickness. [ Plans afoot for a blanket now! ] I am hopeful that it will be reversible if I sew neatly that is.

Altho I had wondered about lining it. See pics of bag that I finished just before the olympics began. With that I crocheted the base , picked up and knitted strips up then knittted strips and wove them in. Added a knitted top, flowers and then lined with a stiff lining to make it more "basket" like and then added wooden handles. Rather pleased with this one!

So hence wondering about a silk lining. But we will see. Also have to figure out a pin to fasten it.

Off to hunt out the next couple of projects , need some knitting to carry around.

Knit on !! >^..^<