Saturday, March 17, 2007

I don't believe it ....!!!

Ok I have tried several things and it now appears to be working... for now anyway. So will do a post to make the most of this. Will take the chance that it "saves" once published.

One plus that has come about from the past 2-3 weeks of frustration... as from today we now have broadband at home. Telecom - our provider of xtra had a special offer of free modem and connection if we signed for a year and as we already had dial-up from them anyway it is only another $10 a month. It is certainly faster... :)

Hmm now can't seem to post pics but at least I have text!

So where was I , have been busy trying to get the garden straight before winter hits. May have left it a bit late as we have had a cold southerly and wind and rain this week. We are not going to have a problem of oversupply of tomoatoes this year. [ Just as well still eating last years from the freezer] But it is the year of the pumkin and runner bean. Guess I will be busy slicing, blanching and freezing for a few days yet.

Not to mention the overabundance of blackberries. At least two ice cream containers in the freezer and as well as 3 lots of jam made. [ I got fed up of jam making and when we discovered how yummy they were in a trifle my DP made, have been freezing the rest for crumbles and pies, so when DS1 comes home yummy hot desserts... hint hint]

As for knitting you may ask..well have heard my entry in the Creative Fibre fashion parade was accepted... yipee and still waiting on the exhibition news, they are selecting this weekend.

The commission piece for Anne Field's new book is nearly finished and I am busy spinning for the next club exhibition in May. This is going to be a push as the commission deadline was brought forward so have had to put my work aside.

The great news tho is she has put us in touch with her publisher and it looks like we are going to do our own book. That is 3 of use will put in several designs each. As we all have our own strengths and areas of interest it should make interesting reading. To this end we are going to start our own blog to chart the "work in process". Will have to come to terms with the internet and blogging ins and outs.

I have started my second sock and am on to the sewing up of DGD's jersey. Hopefully next time I post I can add some pics. It is only 3 weeks to festival so must get these problems sorted so I can show you all pics etc.

Anyway off to do some more spinning. Hopefully this will work.

Cheers all

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thank-you to whoever....!!

At last I think it is going to work. The buttons are back with the tool bar on the "create" and new post page and it certainly loaded much quicker so here's hoping.

A small break while I check....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ok I seem to be having trouble posting , it won't save the text of the message only the title and labels. So any with helpful ideas!!!

Ok lets see if this works!!

Yipee it did!!! Only problem I am on the Public access internet PC at my place of work. [ I work at a Public library] So I am hoping this will work at home tonight.

I haven't been able to post in soooo long. I wasn't aware of making any changes but all of a sudden I couldn't get the text content of my posts to save. So after hunting through the blogger site , post messages and emails to help I can only hope that they have managed to find a fix...!! :)

[Excuse me a minute while I check this is stilling working.... back in a minute. I hope...]

Yes still all OK... hope it works at home, don't want to have to do all my posting from work.

Anyways will try tonight and post some pics too.

Knit on all, cheers >^..^<

Thursday, March 08, 2007

At last!!!

Testing , testing hmm blogger is being a right pain!!!

After several days of trying and finally getting "on" last night, writing a lovely lonnnnnnng post when I hit publish it dumped the lot. So tried again and again and again.........!!!!!!

If I was a swearing woman!!!

Soooo lets see if this works. hmm

Ok that worked, we are just going to have to get broadband at home... off to do some work will be back later.

Cheers >^..^<