Monday, May 29, 2006

"Dust bunnies" ... yeah right!

Ok someone tell Rams we don't have dust bunnies, stash weasels or even dare I say it moths!

But we are having a small shh.....mouse.. problem. Just as well I am not screamish.

I think it all started with us emptying the compost bins and then of course winter has arrived. So all things small and furry are looking for a warmer drier home as in our pantry or worse still my craft room.

Anyway no way are they getting any of our food. Not unless they learn how to chew through Tupperware or glass. ALL and and mean ALL food is now under wraps. Of course this is not stopping them searching for it.

At least we have killer cat. She has been making hay I tell you. Of course it might be all her fault anyway as she has a tendancy to bring in her "kill" to show off. DP was rather white around the gills the other day on returning home from work to find a rather large rat under the kitchen table. But I do draw the line at having them running around my craft room. Hopefully that is the one she caught this morning and the one in the trap in the pantry tonight is the last of them. Or perhaps the one under the kitchen table tonight that she had left for us!

This week has been a rather bad one. [All knitters warning off topic here a bit.] For the past 2-3 years DS2 has been fighting through the family court to have custody of his two young, 4 and 6 years old children. He recently heard that he had an order to maintain day to day care. He was meant to be having counselling with his ex to better their parenting communication. That has all gone to custard as she is refusing to go and has now filed in court to go for custosdy for herself. So we are back to square one.

I am so mad and very upset by it all. Hence no blogging it took a few days to feel up to sharing this. The past few years have been a nightmare which we felt had resolved only we are back at the beginning again. We have worked so hard to get to where we are with the kids happy and settled and most of all safe. The past few years have not given me much confidence in "the system" so do hope all will be OK.

We have a meeting this Friday am with the lawyer to discuss this new development so please all positive thoughts this way.

Anyway enough about that, after a couple of tearful days with nightmares back again I feel a bit more"normal". So on to knitting. Oh and I have discovered this . The New Zealand version of ebay. It is so much fun. I don't think I will buy much but I am hoping to sell. We have such things as cots, high chairs and buggy to get rid of I mean no longer needed. Anyway I did buy nearly a kilo of cream and hand dyed double knit. Should make a lovely aran jersey for DGD. Some of it is machine washable as well.

Here it is......

Thank goodness for my creative fibre group and knitting etc. Just when I thought I would go mad went up last Thursday and here we are winding off the next project / challenge.

And here is everyone's share. It is mostly blue, rainbow colours with a touch of creamy brown. I think I am going to turn mine into a bag this time with the addition of navy blue.

But before I can start that I have this to finish. I have now nearly knitted all the joining triangles of brown to join the squares and then have to cast on in the middle to knit the short rows to shape the small wrap. Altho it is turning out long than I thought so won't be so small. Then just to make and sew on the pom-poms. Note the middle triangles are sharper so the squares "curve" around the back of the neck.

Looking good...!!

Anyway this room is starting to freeze me so back to the fire and knitting. I have been reading all the blogs but haven't really felt like posting up to now. I will let you all know what happens.

And just to prove that grey pumpkins are indeed orange inside......................

Knit on all. I don't think you all realise how you help keep me sane!!! That and knitting too. :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Days off are wonderful... but soon gone!

What do you do when you have one day off a week and you wake to a glorious autumn day. Calm and still with the most sun you have seen for 2 weeks?

Well you rush about and put out the washing, make the bed do dishes and have a nice breaky of bacon, eggs and tomatoes. [ Ok so the bacon was grilled and the eggs poached , no fried bread either!]

Well then you head off out for the day to fossick around bookshops and trift shops and yarn shops and.......... but you get the idea.

We decided to head for an area called the "Hutt valley" two cities Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt. So named by the way from the two staging huts for the stage coach of about 150 years ago that used to do the trip through over to the Waiarapa.

This also happens to be my old stamping ground, grew up in Upper Hutt so it is great to see the familar and catch up with the new.... "heh they pulled down the church , I don't believe it" etc. My DP had to put up with a bit of this.

Anyway the autumn colours were beautiful as well. A small sample... missed the real beauty of red against white we were past before I could get the camera out...sorry!

This pic is not so clear as it was taken from a moving car but is shows how calm the harbour was, one of the ferries is coming in to dock and the sun and all in the back ground. Wellington can be one of the most beautiful cities espeically on a fine day!

Anyway Upper Hutt also happens to be where the yarn shop with a big sale on is as they are closing in August. This is my 3rd trip to see them. Only get the real specials tho. This pic shows some more sock yarn, half price. This time for DP so picked more "man" colours of green and burgandy. [ The white is for me]

I also managed to get some yarn for the next club challenge. I know, I know I was supposed to use some from my stash. But they wanted 100grams and everything I had was either not enough or too much to be worth spliting up. So the two balls in the front are some Italian noverty. It was half price as well and the last lot I brought knitted up a dream and looks fantastic in the squares. [ Doesn't show so well in the pics tho.] This colour is a real mix with even a copper and brown included so should be a safe bet to go with whatever other club members bring. I will take this on Thursday and let you see the results. As in what others bring.

Now it was rather slim pickings today in the trift shops but did pick up a bag of assorted odd balls for $1. See it included a small [36 grams] ball of Opal sock yarn. I thought this too good a bargin to miss. I should be able to get a small pair of socks for DGD out of this. Even If I have to knit the toes in a plain. Beter than $14.95 for a full ball anyway!

Anyway tea is a cooking. The sun has gone down and we only have a few hours left of "freedom" So some knitting DVD watching and perhaps some book reading.

At least we seem to have got rid of the mouse in the pantry. No more "evidence" to be seen. I suspect that the small "corspe" on the kitchen floor the other day was the one. So thanks to Patches, altho I suspect she may have brought it in , in the first place like the lizard I found this afternoon!!

So knit on all, will catch you in a day or two after the grandparent bit!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Progress report... or lack of!

Ah another week has past. It seems that as the years go by that the days move faster.. or is it just I am trying to "squeeze" more out of each day.

It has been a rather quiet week really in that not much out of the normal. Work, work and more work!! Especially as DP and I had to work all day yesterday. But yipee we have tomorrow off as time in leu. Going to make the most of it.

The nights are longer and a lot colder. Have had the fire on most nights. When we can be bothered to carry up the wood from under the house. I am not so keen these days to spend time on the PC at home... too cold brr. So I have been doing a bit of knitting , and reading and DVD watching.

Still doing tomatoes tho would you believe! All the winter veggies are now in so can sit back and watch them grow until 21st June when it is time to plant the garlic. I suppose I will push a hoe around once in a while to prevent the worst of the weeds but thank goodness they are not so quick on the upshot during winter. Now if I could just drum up so enthusiasm for the flower beds.... may get rid of some weeds!!!

Wednesday was interesting. Because DGD has a broken arm in plaster and DS2 only has a shower offered to give them tea at my place so she could have a bath and wash her hair. Of course can't do one without the other so had them both in. Forgotten how much work it can be and how hard on the back. Got rather drowned and hot... like a saua.

Other than that on with the progress pics....

First up is DGD jersey. Not sure about this one but have used her favourite colours as in pink and purple. It is in a bulky thick and thin spiral plyed wool yarn. It is my "computer" knitting in other words what I can work on while I wait for pics to load etc. [There is talk about making broadband free to all consumers in NZ by the end of the year so these waits might disappear.] This is going to be just a straight stocking stitch jacket with 2 -3 buttons on the front. As quick and easy as possible as she really needs it ASAP. I hope to do her brother a hoodie in red and the navy as trim.

Next pic shows progess on the "lost pattern" sock. I have now turned the heel and have started the instep. On the race to the toe now. I was pleased in that I managed to pick up some 2 3/4 mm circs yesterday for less than half price. I am now keen to knit more , socks that is but want to try the two circ method. Still trying to make up my mind as to which sock pattern to use. Any suggestions out there??

Now this is what I have been spending most time on... my club challenge. I have now knitted 7 and half finished the next square. They look much better in "real life"! I hope to get at least 10 sqaures out but I am getting low on some of the colours ..Then I will be knitting the triangles to join the squares. I am keen to get on to the next stage so I can see how it is going. This is meant to be finished by next Thursday but i haven't a show! Will just try to get as much done as I can. So far others have made hats , scarves and a book cover and there is still more to see. Hope I can get a pic or two of the results. It has been a fun project and I can recommend it for any clubs , SnB's .

Now just a little SEX I was looking for a ball of yarn for the next challenge when I spotted this.

It was so unusal just had to get a couple of balls. It appears to be a felted strip machine stitched up the middle..............hmmm some ideas there. They had several colourways and it was very attractive ..... not sure what to use it for tho.

While there spotted this as well and as it was so cheap as in $11 got it as well. It is a pack of 4 circular knititng frames. Largest is about a foot across so good value. They are made of very strong and sturdy plastic. Should be good for the kids later. Can already think of some projects to make on them. Just the time issue again.

Anyway I have blabbed on about nothing long enough. Off to make supper and sit by the fire with my new "Knitter's".

Catch you all later, hope all are warm and dry, fed and rested. Knit on>^..^<

PS Leave you with one last pic. What do you do when your household "staff" have fed you the best in fish and put on the fire especially to warm the lounge for you?W hy curl up in your new "cathouse" for a kip.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pics at last.

After three days of trying I have finally managed to post pics. Blogger can be very obstainate!!!.

First up it the sock pattern book!! So glad to have found the pattern. I know I had worked it out but there is always that element of doubt, "does one have it right?" I am just about finished Stephanies second book and she mentions type A knitters. I fess up that would be me. So I can't stand a mistake and will unpick to fix even if it means ripping out most of what I have knitted. You have a problem with that...!!!

Seriously tho I can't stand knowing there is a mistake I could fix. It sort of worries at me until I do something about it. I have managed to "make" myself fix rather than rip sometimes. As in find a creative way around the problem. eg duplicate stitch or just run down the few stiches involved rather than rip out the whole lot. Have even managed to do this quite successfully in lace as well.

So here is the book.... some nice patterns and am busy deciding which ones to do next.

Here I would like some comments.... what, which is your favourite sock pattern?? I have done very few socks in my knitting life so would like some ideas or pointers in the direction of the best, most attractive, interesting patterns. Ta.

I have been doing some thinking about a comment Gillian left on my blog re my "busyiness". I do have to own up to having a very busy lifestyle. I know I complain at times re this but after honest thought I have always been this way from childhood. I prefer to be busy doing rather than sitting. Not the most restful companion to be with. I am happiest doing. Now on refection I do complain but it is really that I don't have the time to do all that I want not that I am doing too much or don't want to do it...!!! Oh for a 36 hour day or better still a 9 day week preferably 2 more days at home!

The next pic is of a challenge my Creative fibre group , the knitting group is running. We all took along a ball of yarn to match the starter ball. This was split between us all and we all got some of everyone elses. The challenge is to make something from these small balls. We are allowed to add a colour to go with them and to help make a project.

I decided to add brown you can see my balls at the top. The small balls are to the right. I am knitting domino squares and am going to make a scarf wrap using some triangles of the brown as well. I am now up to the third square so it is moving along nicely.

We are going to do another challenge this time taking along 100 grams of some favourite yarn. This time "blind" in other words we won't see what others are bringing so it will be a real challenge as the colours will be more diverse.

Now to finish of here is a pic of my DGD abd DGS enjoying the magican at the library last week.

They had a ball and you can see the cast on her arm. They are so sweet at times. I have to enjoy them as they will be teenagers so quickly!! Won't want to see Nana so much then. Unless they want to hit me for a loan!

Anyway it is still very cold altho now fine. I am off to go back to the fire and my knitting. Enjoy and knit on. See you all later.

Monday, May 15, 2006

"Heh, was that a penguin I saw?"

Ok so still can't load pics. Blogger is being it's usual pain tonight. Camera battery ran out today so I couldn't load them at work will try again tomorrow.

This is going to be a very short post. Winter has arrived with a vengence. We have a southerly blowing at the moment and any one who knows the Wellington area will appriecate what that means.....freezing cold winter straight from the Antartic. Brrr minus wind chill factor outside. Ok, ok I know it is no where as cold as say Canada in the winter but we don't have central heating so the fire is doing its best to heat the house. As the craft room is the furtherest from the fire won't be in here long.

I spent time in the "Wharehouse" after work trying to find cheap heating for DS2 as they are all freezing in an old house. One bright spot tho we have received an offer to take part in a survey run over two years. As part of it we get free solar water heating among other things such as water efficent showers. So guess we will be tempted.

So I am off to do some knitting and perhaps spinning. Hope all reading this are warm and comfy. I am reall y enjoying the "challenge" project and have now finished two squares. No progress on the sock for a day or two put have nearly finished the ribbing on DGD jersery.

Knit on all >^..^< more news tomorrow.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

What a week.....!!!!!

Hi all, well it has been a few days since my last post. Funny that Gillian should comment re my busyiness!!! This week ended up been one of those "thank God it's Friday" weeks.

All started OK but DS2 came down with a tummy bug on the Sunday which meant I had the "pleasure" of the school kindy run on Monday as well as the usual Tue and Wed. Then at 3.50pm on Wed got an urgent call from the afterschool care to say that DGD had "fallen" [ read jumped here] from the flying fox and they think she had broken her arm.

So a panic drive to the school to arrive just before the ambulance. After much discussion decided the ambulance would take her to our local hospital. Now this has just been upgraded and now has 24hr emergency services!! Yeah right!! This turned out to be a mistake. Now their care was wonderful and we were only there until just after 7pm. [By the way to save on petrol we had only taken one car to work which meant that DP and DGS who had been collected from daycare were stranded at the library. Fortunately a workmate was able to run them to the hospital.]

But it turns out that 24 / 7 care didn't run to including a fracture clinic. So we were now faced with having to take her that night into Wellington to the regionl hospital and face a lengthy wait or take her there the next day. So you can guess which option we took!! But this did mean that I ended up doing the kindy run Thursday and looking after DGS until DGD arrived back at the library by 3.50pm!!!!

They were lucky tho as it has been book week and one of the childrens books nominated was a story involving magic. So a magic show was on in the junior library at 4.00. So they both got to go and once again DGS was picked to help the magican. This caused a few tears from DGD as he had been picked at the Xmas party as well and she was so keen to have ago as well. DGS didn't help at all as he had a decided swagger on the way out!!! Kids can be so cruel!!!

Anyway DS2 kept her home the next day as well so I was involved in caring for her so he could attend a family court session. So all in all I have been very "hands on" this week!! So Friday was a welcome relief. Saturday managed to get the final bed of the vegie garden ready to plant and planted cauliflower, broccoflower, broccoli, cabbage and two packets of broadbeans. Will plant the rest later. Very keen to try and "stagger" the crop after our flood of tomoatoes!!.

I have managed to do a little knitting , still working on my socks and having finally taken time to work out the pattern for the heel never guess what I have found?... Yes that's right after thinking, "would like to knit some more after this" now where was that book of patterns ...ahh .... [ This is where there was meant to be a pic... blogger is not co-operating will try from work... grrr.]

I have also started on my challenge from the knitting group. Where we all put in a ball and share and then add some yarn and knit a project. Again you will have to wait for this pic.!

Also having decided that DGD really needs some jerseys for the winter and I need some plain "computer" knitting so have cast on a simple jacket for her. In her favourite colours of, purple and some dark blue.

Now where was I , ah that's right Saturday..even managed some spinning! Then it was time for "Mum" to drop off the kids. Well I am not sure what she fed them but it seems a good dose of caffiene via Coke. They were bouncing off the walls. I don't think I have ever seen them so wired!! DS2 came and picked them up early after I snapped at him on the phone!! Just couldn't control them at all. So glad she doesn't have them for more than a day and night!! Today was much better they were back to normal thank goodness. How DS2 copes at times I don't know.

We had a lovely day and visited Mum, Greatnana it been Mother's day in this part of the world. I also rung DS1 and had a "nice" chat with him, hi son!!! He has such a great sense of humor really miss him at times. Especially when the world seems so crazy.

Anyway that's my week. It has been a real... winter is here day today. Cold and wet and a bit wild wind wise. But so nice to have the fire on and sit and watch a movie while knitting. But it is rather late now so off to bed to have a read. Back to work and kids and gym etc etc tomorrow. Roll on next weekend.

Knit on all and to any mothers out there hope you had a great family day. >^..^<

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Exhibition award winners

A quick post to link you to the photos of the award winning entries at the festival.



Monday, May 08, 2006

Stash and UFO reduction

All those who may be worried that I was getting "buried" in a mountain of stash can rest easy. I have two finished objects and more on the way!

Here is DP's new green jersey. [A little darker in real life.] It has come up well and I like the patterned yoke. It is in bulky so will be nice and warm for the winter.

The next one is the watch strap from Knitty. At the library when I am on the issues deck we use a desensitizing block on the books. Much the same as the alarm tags on clothes etc in stores. As a result the magnets affect your watch especially with prolong exposure. Because of this I always take my watch off. So I have worn out several straps with the constant undoing of the buckle. I thought that this would be good as I can just whisk it off and on again. However it is really more of a sports strap and is not so easy to fit under fittted work clothes. So I may keep this one as a sports wrist band. It is certainly keeping my wrist warm at the moment!. I will have to knit another for the other wrist. Winter is nearly here we have the fire on again tonight and it is fine but frosty cold outside. Anyway it is finished!!!

Now remember that sock I found in the stash of UFO's? Well here is it's mate. Note now nearly half way to the heel. Figuring out this much has been a breeze. The heel is going to be a challenge. If I remember rightly there are slip stitchs in the heel flap. I can tell as I can see the floats on the inside of the sock. Once I have got past the heel the rest will be easy. I guess the pattern will "turn" up once I have finished. :)

As I have finished DP's jersey I have started the green shrug. Here is the sample I test knitted. I am using only 3 yarns this time on #9 mm. So far I have done about 2 inches of the back. No pic yet.

You can see the three yarns in this pic above.... Looking good so far and my tension is spot on.

Oh yes just a small addition this time. Spotlight, a craft and homewares store was having a day sale with a draw for a new sewing machine and as my 40+ year old machine is in need of repair thought I would go in the draw. Of course they didn't have the fabric I wanted so brought this instead....

Once Mum gets her new Knitters loom these can be used to weave scarves. By the way it is a ribbon yarn. Talking of looms I have hunted up two of mine. The ridge heddle and the small 4 shaft sample loom , 16 inch. I have seriously got a heap of fine 2ply merino skeins. This is a carry over from when I was knitting a lot of lace. I have had the bright idea of weaving with them instead. [ I will save some of the better ones for lace] This should reduce the stash much quicker!! I have been cleaning them, the looms that is but will neeed to get hold of another 16 inch reed as this one is beyond saving!! Too rusty.

I have also managed to "squeeze" in some spinning time again. I have bag full of silk from a workmate to spin. Have managed a half bobbin, I think this will take a while!!

We had a great if busy weekend. On going up to visit Mum on Saturday morning come across 4 Pukekos crossing the road. Of course by the time I had the camera out they were disappearing into the bush...!!

You can just see one in the middle of this shot. They are a large bird about the size of a chicken with longer red legs. They seem to like to live in the bush by the side of roads so as a result quite often get run over.

After lunch it was out into the vegetable garden to spread 12 wheel barrows full of compost. Only one more bed to do then we can plant the winter crop. This coming weekend I hope. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, broadbeans etc.

Here is our supervisor directing operations. Oh this was before she hunted up and caught the mouse in the compost bin...!!

And this is one of the resaons I have trouble in the weekends getting near my computer and on the internet. When his mum drops him off it is " Nana can I go on the internet" almost as soon as he is in the door.

It is so funny watching a 4 year old using a computer. The mouse is almost twice the size of his hand but boy he knows what to do! They were watching a DVD the other day and both came up to get a drink and biscuit. I went down to back up the disc so they didn't miss any story and it turned out they had "paused" it!!! I was impressed!!!

Then it was off to the park before feeding the ducks.

Anyway thats me for today. I am off to listen to a book and spin before bed. The next two days are busy ones so better make the most of it.

Knit on all>^..^<

Friday, May 05, 2006

"Normal service resumes"

At last I can "catch" up on life post festival. Yes I know you have "tagged" me Gillian but that is going to take some time!

I have been rather busy at work as it doesn't seem to matter how much training is given etc I always seem to come back to a pile of work after leave. They don't seem to give it prority so it gets left. Considering my job description states "that 90% has to be done in 24 hours" they don't seem to care when I am not there. Rather frustrating as it means heavy work to catch up. However thanks to an exchange student we have managed it this week. So only 10 days after I got home finally have a clear desk. At work that is.

A different matter at home. So much for a clear up! I seem to keep adding to it.

So what have I been doing?? First up this post is dedicated to a very special lady. In fact she is really special as she taught me to knit when I was about 6! We won't go into how many years ago that was.

Here she is, at her 91 st birthday tea last week. My dear Aunt!! We surprised her for tea with her son and wife and my Mum and DP. She is such a wonder , can't walk much now but still so interested in all things crafty. So I have been buying many more knitting mags than I normally would as she gets so much pleasure out of reading them. Still does a little knitting.

As for the weather. Well winter is on its way. Raining and blowing a gale tonight. I am "Home alone" as DP has a "boys night". So the fire is on I have had tea and am settling in for some spinning and talking book soon.

Saw these on a walk last week.......

Our world is still a beautiful place but grayer now with drizzly days.

Also saw this on Saturday. Was sitting quietly having afternoon tea and looked across at the telly in the kitchen and thought "what's that....??" Only looking closer realised it was a weta. [ A NZ insect ] The weather sends them indoors on the wood for the fire. I also suspect that Patches may have something to do with it. So scooped it up and put it outside. They are harmless but not so nice to look at. Certainly not in the kitchen that is!

Now I have been rather naughty. Saw an add on TV for a yarn shop that was closing so went over on Saturday and made a "small" addition to the stash. Oh and found this at a garage sale. Some nice pink mohair. 7 balls for $5NZ. Now I don't like pink much but I could dye it but will no doubt use it for my DGD. She loves pink and purple of course.

I managed to get this Italian yarn at $2 per ball.

Now don't be shocked even brought some sock yarn Now I was going to buy this at festival and decided not to. I am so glad as I gotit for half price. Two colours one for me and one for DP.

I also picked up 4 balls each of a noverty. I have already got some of this and it knits up beautifully and feels wonderfully soft.

I was also tempted with this rainbow yarn to go with some I already had in navey for kids jerseys and as well as a couple of balls of italian fur yarn. All at half price.

This picture shows the the best buy tho. Some beautiful rust red Kid, silk and merino. Yum And some feathers which matches it well. The Kid was 50% off so got enough for a jersey for me.

Now in case you think that all I am doing is buying yarn I have been knitting. Will have to post these later tho as blogger seems to stop at 10 pics a post. I have finished DP jersey and have nearly finished my watch strap. Only have to graft the ends together. I have also started knitting the sock to go with the one I found in the stash as a UFO. This one will take time as I am going to have to "copy" the finished one. I must admit I can quite see why socks are popular. They are so portable!!

Anyway that is me for now. I am off to stock the fire and do some spinning. See you all tomorrow.

Knit on >^..^<

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fashion parade pictures

Just a quick post to refer you to here......Fashion Parade award winners!!!


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last festival post!! At least until next year. :)

At last I have managed to load the final pics!! I think that loading them at work may be the answer it certainly took a lot less time, and stress!!

Here is another pic from the sunny city of Hastings. The centre square with the fountain as in the previous post also had a lot of statues. [ Including the sheep which you can just see in the background of this shot]

The centre was very pretty and "green" Stephanie!!

Now some shots of Napier. Here is another statue. She is called "Pania" and is a Maori lass from local legend. She is also reknown as last year the statue was stolen from it's previous site. Tho what you would want to steal this for as it weighs well over a ton and is very well known!!. Anway for a few weeks there was much speculation that she may have been melted down or sold overseas. However she did turn up in someones garage. She is now "back" but in a different site , closer to the shops and safer.

Here is one of the main streets close to where my Mum was born and spent her first 16 months before the earthquake. Napier has many such beautiful trees.

This is another memorial. this time to the ship "Veronica" and her men as they were in dock when the earthquake struck and spent many man hours helping the people stricken. It has recently been rebuilt. My Mum could remember when it was first built. It is near the sound dome and people used to dance and skate here. The view in the distance is over the Pacific.

This shot shows a close up of a stained glass window in a shop frontage. Most of the shops in the centre business district are very art deco in style. Very attractive to walk around.

Now on the last night of the festival they always have a closing party. This year everyone was encouraged to dress as in the 30's. Complete with feathers and boas.

We had "desert" served and a skit with police and a robber who interacted with the audience trying to make off with handbags etc. We also had an old fashioned "radio" play using audience members as well.

Then once the raffles were drawn, spot prizes given etc etc it was time to hand on the banner to the next region to host the festival.

This banner is passed on from year to year at each festival. The only thing that is no longer happening at the moment is the action competitions. That is to spin , ply and knit a garment in teams of 6 for a trophy. There was also a weaving comp and a "Kiwicraft" one. I think it all got a bit competitive and it did take a lot of time and effort. Perhaps one year they will bring them back. They were exciting to watch and be in.

Anway once the banner was passed on and next years festival team had done a promo encouraging us to go and visit them in New Plymouth they rolled out the music and were teaching everyone how to charleston. Then party the night away. Altho we left at this stage as our room-mate had an early flight in the morning.

Anyway that is me. I have heaps more pics but I think I have "done" this subject to death. I have yarn, samples and hopefully FO to share. I do hope that I have managed to give you all some idea of it all tho. Lots of fun and sharing with good friends. Perhaps I may see some of you there one day!! Interweave used to run tours out this way at festival time....!!

Right I am off to crack out the spinning wheel. I have some serious stash reduction to do...!!

knit on