Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wellington art and self revelations

Hi all

A quick post today as I am nearly ready to head off for a 7 day week of jewelry making with Mary Hettmansperger , a USA tutor at the Aotearoa textile fibre forum which starts this afternoon with a Maori welcome, dinner and a slide lecture. Classes start tomorrow and end on Saturday. There are lectures and dinners most nights then on Sunday a craft market where the artist attending can display and sell their arts.

Anyway before I head off a catch up and a few random things, thanks Diantee!

We enjoyed the two exhibitions the first being the Rita Angus one at our national Museum and art gallery Te Papa. Of course photos weren't allowed so check out the link. This was very interesting and have now got her book to read.

We then went to the City Gallery which is near civic square and saw the Australian artist Fiona Hall's exhibition. This was great , plenty of ideas. Many friends had said you "must see" this as she also knits with video tape and coke cans, yes you heard right coke cans. [ Now on the hunt for some cans to try, don't drink it so hope to source some emptys!]

I really enjoyed this day out or tho my partner found all the walking and standing hard work!

These two pics show the hanging scupture outside the city gallery. On the right day you don't notice the guy wires and it just appears to hanging in mid air. At night it is lit, great!

Of course on the way to the car found some man hole covers, thanks to Loraine I now look down and up as I walk around and many is the time I wish I had my camera.

The next two pics are the "poles" along the side of the Wellington city council public library. They are metal representations of Nikau palms. These are lit at night with blue light, another must see if you make it down this way.

And last but not least saw this on the way to the car. See the blue covered construction... well that is a building being built on top of a bridge between two other buildings!!!

Not sure who approved this but I sure wouldn't want to be any where near this in an earthquake, and Wellington sits on top of several fault lines... and they say we are long overdue for a big one.

Now the fun bit , I was tagged thanks Diantee to reveal 6 random things about me and to pass on the favour. [ Tagging a strange title, hmm are we grafitting the web...!! Just a thought]

I guess that random facts are more intesting if [a] I haven't mentioned them here before and [b] have nothing to do with knitting.

So here goes....

1. I was born in Wellington hospital and lived most of my early years in Upper Hutt where I attended Trentham primary and Upper Hutt College.

2. I married young, at 18 and moved to Australia for 6 months where I lived and worked in Brisbane. For a while I lived in New Farm. I also travelled as far north as Carins and Green Island and as far south as Melbourne. It was meant to be the start of a work around the world trip but as I got pregnant with son #1 we came back to NZ where I have lived ever since. By the way I worked a couple of months at the Golden Circle canning factory.

3. Hence at nearly 55 I already have a 35 year son. Who lives in Washington DC and I haven't seen for 4 long years. So I am planning a trip to the States some time. Next year if I can get the money and leave together. I figure it would be best to go when something else is on eg Rhinebeck or Stitches East.

4. Hmm this is getting hard... let me see.... Ah I am hard of hearing as in I wear two hearing aides. You wouldn't know if you met me as I cope well with it. I have been deaf most of my life and they thought it was English measles but as son #2 and my DGS have the same hearing loss pattern they now think it is genetic. This leads to fact....

5. I have very long hair as in down to my waist at this point in time. It used to be down to my hips but has been shorter for a while now. Reason why you wouldn't see the aides. I do tend to wear it up at work and with Wellingtons winds .....!!! This is my Grandmothers fault as she had long hair when younger and when as a child I saw the pics of her wanted long hair as well. I wasn't allowed until I could look after it myself as I wasn't very good about brushing. As a result once I turned 13 grew it and it has been long ever since.

6. I am a second generation NZ on my mothers side as her parents arrived from Scotland in 1929 and on my fathers side they arrived from Scotland in 1852 on one of the first 3 settlers ships to arrive in Canterbury. My mothers great greats supported Bonnie Prince Charles and fled to France with him so have some french in the mix as well. As a result one of my must visit countries is Scotland and would love to go to the Shetland islands as I have been a passionate lace knitter in the past.

Anyway enough about me it is now your turn.

The rules are as follows.

1 Link to the person who tagged you. Diantee

2 Post the rules on your own blog.

3 Write 6 random things about yourself.

4 Tag 6 people at the end of your post.

5 Let each person know they have been tagged.

6 Let your tagger know via comment to their post you have passed it on.

So without futher ado these 6 have been tagged, hope you don't mind too much!!

Jean, Gillian, Jenla [ hm does this count as two?] , Ann and Kay [ another two! ]

Ok this will have to do for now most of my links are at work and I need to leave will have to link some more later.

Have fun and knit on.... >^..^<


Blogger Diantee said...

Hi Beverley, great to read your random facts. Thanks for doing them. It's quite a challenge to find another 6 to tag isn't it.

7:55 pm  
Blogger Walled Garden said...

I'm trying to sort out the tag and the 6 more. I'll get on to it tthis week when I get home.
Great pics. I love the floating ball sculpture.
Cheers Gillian

7:26 pm  

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